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Secure Your VBA Code In Microsoft Access.

March 18, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

There are many reasons why you should secure your VBA code in MS Access database. If you are a novice database developer and created a database application for someone else, you will probably see that over a period of time the database has been changes or doesn’t work anymore. Database users often tend to change the program and try to discover its secrets. They might also try to adapt the database to their needs. So, there are several reasons for you to protect your VBA code.

Even though not every user, who changes the database, has bad intentions, but you still should prevent inexperienced users from changing the code and making some errors.

Another reason for securing your code is protecting your intellectual property, because you have spent a lot of time and effort creating the code and you don’t want other people to see the results of your work.

Database applications, which you develop, are usually based on business rules analysis. So, you want to ensure your application to stay consistent by avoiding unauthorized changes, which will conflict with these business rules.

There is always a risk of hackers and people, who have bad intentions, to sabotage our database application. So, you should protect your database and secure the VBA code.

There are different methods of securing your database and the easiest one is compiling your MS Access MDB file into the MDE format. When you create MDE file, all your VBA code is compiled and becomes inaccessible for viewing. This also performs database compact, so it becomes smaller. The code is also optimized and is executed much faster.

But, how can you compile the MDE file? When you finished working on your application and you are ready to install it, choose the Database Tools from the Access menu bar. Then select Make MDE. Save the file under the appropriate name and choose the folder for storing the file. When you are done, click the Save button and your database application is now secured.

Implementing a good level of security for your Access database application is a very good practice and MDE file will protect your code and prevent your database users from making any alterations to the application even if they are made accidentally or intentionally. But you should also keep in mind that using MDE for protecting your code will not protect your stored data, so you also have to encode the data in order to prevent any data manipulation. Your database application is probably used for storing very important company data, so it is crucial to protect this information from being changed or viewed by people who are not supposed to. Protecting your data and VBA code will ensure the database application consistency.

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