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Which Is The Top Windows Registry Cleaner?

March 20, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

If you have registry problems the best way to solve them is by using one of the Registry Cleaners. Whilst it is possible to edit the registry by hand this is very time consuming and very dangerous if you are not a hundred percent sure what you are doing. You could pay a technician to do this but it would be expensive and the best registry cleaners can make it very simple to repair the registry.

Having concluded that you need to fix registry problems the next issue is deciding which registry cleaner to use as there are a great many on the market.
In order to try and offer assistance with this we decided to evaluate several better known products so took eleven of the better known registry cleaners and got a report on the same computer. It quickly became clear that comparing the results directly was not valid as the content of the scans was different but for the record, the number of errors shown was from 391 to 3881. In some cases the definition of the area being evaluated was the same but the output varied widely, which demonstrates the problem of defining “errors”.

Registry Cleaners evaluate the keys and values in the registry and report (then offer to delete) any invalid, obsolete or corrupt data which might impact the functioning of the PC. They may also defragment the problem registry to make it run more efficiently. However, there is no way to know for sure what is redundant or invalid and there is a possibility that software houses will make their product more “aggressive” such that it finds more “registry issues” than the competition. It is also possible that some registry cleaners exaggerate the severity a registry problem to suggest that a registry fix is urgent.

If a registry cleaner is too aggressive it may delete something that is needed by a program (or the operating system itself) thereby resulting in the PC becoming unstable. If the software is not aggressive enough it will not do its job properly. Whilst most Registry Cleaners offer the user the opportunity to define what is deleted, in practice most non-technical users will go with the program’s suggestions. There is therefore always a small risk of damage to the system.

We have to conclude that it would be inappropriate to maintain that any software is the best to use to Fix Registry Problems as results will vary depending on the status of the system in question.

Our conclusion was that the best way forward was to choose three products that we liked, were easy to use and have had good user reviews (from independent sources) and meet the following requirements:
• support at a minimum Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 – to avoid risk of using on an inappropriate system
• automatically backup the registry before cleaning – so there is no chance of losing any data
• offer a money-back guarantee – so you can get a refund if it does not work.

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