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Broken Iphone Repair -How Much Can I Expect To Pay?

March 21, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

The cost for broken iphone repair can vary greatly depending on where you have the repair work done and why the part needs to be replaced.

As an example, I’ve seen prices for LCD replacement (for 3G s models) anywhere from $79 to $174 depending on the nature of the repair and how the phone was functioning. At $174 you’re almost at the cost of purchasing a new phone altogether. Many online repair shops are now paying for shipping costs but there will still be a 1-2 delay in getting your phone back in good working order. If the phone is still not functioning up to par after receiving it back, you have to send the phone off again leaving you without a means of communication.

During the time that the phone is out for repair, there you are stuck in traffic and you can’t call the boss. You need directions, oh wait that’s right, you don’t have your phone. How many of us use our Iphones to kill time while waiting in line, riding the train, or waiting for an appointment. On the days when I’ve simply forgotten my phone, I went nuts, continually reaching for it only to realize that it wasn’t there. I felt incomplete somehow.

What are people doing to cut down on broken Iphone repair cost and time? They’re fixing it themselves. There was a day in technology where computers and technical gadgets required a specialist to resolve issues with them not working properly. As time marched on, people realized (particularly in the case of PC’s) that most of these items were put together with components that could be easily replaced. Iphones are no exception, given the right tools and guidance you can probably fix it yourself. No shipping it off and waiting. This is especially true with older model Iphones that have dropping drastically in price. Depending on the cost of the repair needed, you would just be better off purchasing a new one.

Iphone battery replacement seems to be a fairly common need. Unfortunately, unlike other models of cell phones, it requires a repair shop to replace it. Something that is so simple to do requires someone with specific tools to get the job done. Just imagine if you had the means to do it yourself. Your phone would never leave your possession and your only time lost would be while you were repairing it. You could keep a couple of spare parts on hand so that you are always prepared for those little emergencies that leave you disconnected.

If you learn to do broken iphone repair yourself, you’re no longer at the mercy of someone else.
Who knows, you may even be able to make some side money repairing and replacing batteries for others.

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