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Microsoft Access Database Development

March 21, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Even if you have a little or no experience in Microsoft Access database development, you can still build good working Access databases. You should start with defining your own or the user’s system requirements. After accomplishing this you can move on to designing the system. The process of designing the database will include establishing the facts about your system and defining a storage area for every fact. The storage area is also known as a table. If you are creating an invoicing system, for example, you would want to store contact information. This information will be stored as a single fact in contact table. The same way you would store the invoice data in the invoice table, because this data is another fact. If you have taken MS Access trainign courses, they should cover the idea of keeping different facts in separate tables. It is a bad idea to place customer and invoice information in one table for many reasons.

During your MS Access training you will also find out how to relate tables together. Table relationships are very important for building effective Access database and it will aldo help your work with the database. It happens many times that one customer can have many invoices. This situation is known as one to many relationship. It is build using the primary and foreign keys, which are basically common fields in both tables. So, a customer will be defined by a customer’s id field and the invoice table will have the same field, which will also provide the link between the two tables. Building tables involves creating fields also known as columns. Each field will have a particular identifying attribute, so in the contact table the fields will consist of First name, Last name, Address, Date of birth and others.

After you have created your tables, it is time to build a user interface for entering data into the database. In order to perform this we have to create an Access form. The form you create will include the same fields you have defined in the table. You can also enter the data directly into the table, but Access form offers you a much better user interface. MS Access has different forms for you to choose and the widest range of forms is provided by Access 2007. You can also creat a main and a sub form, which creates a perfect situation for building one to many relationship. For example, you can add the customer information in the main form and a sub form will contain a list of all related invoices.

Now that all the necessary data is stored in out database, we can ask questions of our system and get answers very quickly. In order to receive necessary information from your database, you need to run a query. There is also a wide range of different queries in Access database and they are pretty simple to create at the beginning. You can easily create simple queries, but you might have some difficulties, when data summing and grouping is involved. But, still Access queries are very powerful and useful tool, which is definitely worth learning and mastering. You will be able to sover every necessary information about Access queries at MS Access courses.

The last but not the least Access fundamental object is a report. This object allows Access users output the data in the printed format and again there are many types and styles to choose from. Now, you should see that MS Access is a great database application, which offers high functionality and is definitely worth learning and switching to.

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