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Microsoft Access Is A Very Powerful Application.

March 24, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Microsoft Access database allows us store and organize important data for our personal or business purposes. Besides keeping the data, MS Access application also offers a lot of useful functions for manipulating the data in various ways. Access tables are used for storing the information and forms are used for entering the data into the database in a very user friendly way. But there are also other useful Access objects, which allos us perform different useful tasks with the data. After we enter the data into the database it is often needed to get it out for different purposes. If you are dealing with the sales, you might want to look at sales data from time to time or you might need to filter out a certain subset of data. This kind of task can be performed via using MS Access database queries.

In order to understand the work of this Access object, let us look at the following scenario. You find that your office in one part of the world needs sales information from another region for the previous month. There are several ways to get this information. One way is to look through the database and check every record manually, making necessary notes and provide totals. This takes a lot of time, effort and simply impractical, especially if you have thousands of records in your database. A much faster and logical approach is to run a query to perform this task for you. In order to create a query, you should get into the query designer and choose the tables containing the required data. After you have found the tables, you should drag the needed fields into special grid. There is also a criteria line, where you can enter any necessary criteria for a field. This way you can restrict certain criteria like region or others.

Queries work fast and will pull the necessary data almost instantly, depending on the amount of data stored and it needs to look through for producing the required results. This is what Access select queries do, but there are also many other queries for us to choose from. We can also choose to run action queries. These queries are used when there us a requirement to update the database data, append it or remove it. All this can be done using the action query. Besides the select and the action query, there is also a make table query, which is actually a part of action queries. We might decide to put certain data into a separate table, so we can run a make table query, which will create a new table with the needed data from the other table or query. You can also add certain criteria for restricting the data you need.

Microsoft Access queries are very popwerful tool and if you learn and make a good use of them in your database applications, you can definitely see great results in your database performance and therefore your work quality.

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