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Microsoft Access Database Corruption

March 29, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

You should understand that your database may be corrupted. If you do not have permission to repair your database, or do not know how to fix it, you can lose your data and your productivity. Following several steps will help you to minimize your data loss and save your time.
To prevent corruption in access database you should split your database into a ‘back-end’ or a ‘front-end’. The back-end contains the data tables only while the front-end keeps all the reports, forms, and queries. With the help of reducing the amount of information you minimize the chances of corrupting your database.
Whether you are a programmer or a user, close all your connections as quickly as possible after you used them and do not hold them open. When you leave the connections open, it gives more opportunities for a dropped unexpected connection. Both users and programmers should close any application or a database after they are finished. Do not provide the opportunity for corruption in the files. Always close the application in the evening before you go home or to bed, because backup at night may cause corruption in database if the connections are open.
To avoid corruption of the database always close the database of application in a proper way and exit the database correctly.
Use brand name network cards and do not panic of the slightest hint of trouble with your database on your network, as the slightest presence of packet loss can kill your applications. To avoid this do not use the cheapest build-in applications which came with your computer. Try to use good brands of equipment when it is possible.
It is strongly recommended to perform repair function and build-in compact regularly to prevent corruption. It will help to improve performance as well. Put this function automatically to repair your databases at night or to compact it during the weekend.
In case of corruption of your database your computer will show you some of the error messages – they will give you a signal of corruption. It may say that your database needs to be repaired; or that the records cannot be read; or that there is an unexpected error number…; or that the database format is unrecognized; or that database engine cannot find the object ‘database’ while it exists and its name and path spelled correctly, etc.
It is always frustrating to get an error message when you accessing, mounting, or closing your database and your access database becomes inaccessible. But these simple steps will not prevent all access database corruption, but you will be able to stop most of the problems with your database before they happen. Follow them and you will minimize your information loss and your odds.

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