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Access Database Corruption.

April 05, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

You must understand that every time you were disconnected unexpectedly, your Access database gets message about some corruption, even if any information has not been lost or corrupted. If you try to open your database when a ‘corruption flag’ is still set in the Access database, you will get a message and your database should be repaired before you can use it again. And if you do not have permission to fix it, or you know nothing about how to repair it, you may lose a lot of time and productivity before your access database is available again. However, if you know useful tips mentioned below, they will help you to minimize the data loss from damaged Access database.
First thing you must do is to split your data. It will help you to prevent corruption of all your information. You should split your database into a ‘back-end’ and a ‘front-end’. While the front-end keeps all the queries, reports and forms, the back-end keeps the data tables only. Every PC has a copy of the front-end, when the back-end is stored in a folder on the network. But how can it prevent corruption? Every time you open a report or a form some information comes to your PC across your network, and there is a risk of corrupting your database if even a bit of the data doesn’t make if intact. And when you reduce that amount of information you have to move back across the network, you considerably reduce the opportunities of damaging you database. Thus you can stop corruption problems with your database by splitting the database.
Never hold your connections open after use. If you leave the connections open, you give more chances for unexpected connections. You may leave a connection open only if is using inside a loop. Always close your connections for a night to avoid damages and corruption.
You should always close the applications or the database correctly not to wreak havoc on the database. Every time complete the tasks and close the application carefully.
If you skimp on hardware, your computer may set the corruption flag in case of the slightest data loss. To avoid undesirable panic use network cards of brand names and do not use cheap hubs.
You should repair and compact your PC regularly. It is recommended to do to prevent damages and corruption and to improve performance of your computer. For this purpose you should regularly perform the inbuilt compact and function of repairing on your PC. You may automate these functions with the help of special utility and perform repairing and compacting of your access database during the night or at weekends. In any case the speed and performance of your PC depends on how well you maintain it.

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