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Keeping Microsoft Access In Perfect Shape.

April 05, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

It is desirable to keep your Access database in perfect shape to maintain the performance of your PC on the top level and optimize your working time. There are a lot of ways, methods and tools that are able to assure the best performance of an Access database file, but none of them would guarantee that your Access database file will be running in perfect shape all the time and forever. Using some important steps and knowing some important facts you will help your PC to avoid damage and a corruption of the Access database files.
Access databases are those files that are the sole carrier of the information. These files are rather crucial as they are a central repository and carry many different functions. Needless to say how important is to protect your Access database files from damage, corruption and data loss of any kind. Countless Access database optimization tools can improve the speed and performance of your Access database.
Access databases (like all other databases) work with a frontend and a backend. A backend is the database itself and the frontend is the software which uses the databases. They both (the backend and the frontend) create an interactive environment for users working hand in hand. They create a database environment for users to keep their information in form of rows and columns. During the processes of insertion of the information, or its updating and retrieval the frontend of the software disconnects with the backend many times and the Access database file remains damaged or corrupted.
Frequent disconnections from the frontend software lead to the corruption of the Access database file and require urgent recovery of the Access database, although several sudden disconnections can be handled by the Access database. There are some useful tips that will help you to avoid a corruption of the Access database file.
The basic and the most important thing is not to store all your information in one database but to split the database and to keep everything using multiple databases. All your connections after handling databases must be closed and after closing of your connections you should exit databases very carefully and correctly to avoid unnecessary errors. Purchase the adequate hardware to run the database in a proper way and compact your databases regularly and from time to time perform frequent repairs with Access database utilities.
If you follow the above mentioned steps and still get a corruption of your Access database file, you should use some third party database recovery software which will help you to repair your Access database files in several minutes without any loss of information and nerves. Use those third party recovery utilities for fixing Access databases damaged by different reasons.

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