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Keeping Your Access Database In Perfect Shape.

April 05, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

We all desire to keep our access database in perfect shape. There are many tools that are able to assure the optimum work of access database file, but there are no tools that can give you guarantee that your access database will be perfect forever. However, there are several important moments that will allow you to avoid database corruption.
Access database is the sole carrier of information; they display the information and carry a lot of functions and methods. Protection the database of your computer from data loss and corruption is very important. There are countless access database optimization tools that can improve the speed and performance of access database.
Access database (like all the databases) works with a fronded and a backend in order to create an interactive environment for users for they could store their information in form of columns and rows. During the processes of insertion, updating and retrieval of the data the database file may be corrupted. Even sudden disconnections can cause corruption and need immediate recovery.
Several steps below will help you to avoid Access database file corruption.
Do not store all the information in one database, split the database and use different databases to keep your data. After handling databases close all connections. Do not forget to do it always – it is very important. You should exit database correctly after you close connections. Your hardware (running the database) must be adequate. Use access utilities to compact databases on a regular basis and to perform frequent repairs. But if you get corruption of your access database even after the above mentioned steps, you should take third party recovery software that will allow you to repair your database in several minutes. You can use this advanced software for repairing access databases damaged by different causes. All in all if you use Access database and have problems with it from time to time, you should learn how to fix it.
Have you ever tried to change the order of columns in a database file, or to rename it, or to change relationships in the database? Performing one of those tasks you suffered from corrupted Access databases. But you still can recover your database files quite quickly following some simple steps.
Create a copy of your database file and save it somewhere on your system. There are some inbuilt utilities and tools for recovery your database files with low corruption. They can easily restore your Access database. Use them without hesitation. Use a recent copy of the database but not the old one while using recovery tools.
Do not take much stress suffering from frequent errors in your databases as those errors can be easily removed and such corrupted files are easy to repair and you will be able to recover your Access database in a few minutes.

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