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Computer Worms And Their Spreading

April 06, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Do you know what are computer worms and what part do they play when they infect your computer? These programs are destined to travel. They travel across networks and constantly make copies of themselves. These programs are able to reproduce and spread like viruses, however, they do it in other way than viruses do. Computer worms work by themselves, alone and they spread themselves throughout the network and a personal computer, but viruses need files to spread, they are dependant.

Each computer worm spreads in its own way that is completely unique, although there are a lot of various types of PC worms. As for file sharing networks some of the computer worms are able to spread themselves through file sharing networks by means of files. They can spread very fast and infect each PC in a network in the shortest period of time. They spread from one file to another staying undetected. While the files are shared, these computer worms continue to spread themselves in more and more files which are shared and this is way they can spread themselves so quickly.

Several years ago a worm made its way through the internet and spread itself like a wildfire overnight. This worm devastated to many and effected a great many of personal computers. It left them completely unstable and almost useless because it copied itself so many times on the operating systems of the computers that they became completely unmanageable and damaged. A lot of sites then stayed disconnected from the internet to keep themselves from being reinfected by that computer worm. Such worms are able to extremely destructive and spread very fast.

The most wide spread and common PC worms are those that spread through the e-mails. These programs seem to be a harmless message from the web sites which may be infected through and through, they spread themselves via e-mails and start the very second you begin the connection by clicking on the attachment which had came with the message. In this case your click acts like an invitation for the worm and the infection begins to intrude into your operating system. Do not forget that attachments and links are the ways of spreading the infection and when you click on them you can receive an unwanted gift sometimes.

Many users fall victim to those terrible programs, try not to repeat their fate. Those who develop programs of this type have only one aim and their aim is to destroy everything. You can protect your personal computer and minimize the chances of infecting it. The corruption of your PC can be prevented and the damage can be stopped even before it happens. Hope this short article was useful to inform you.

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