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How To Get Rid Of Antivir

April 07, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Do you know what is Antivir? First of all it is not an antivirus program at all and it is not a legitimate security application. It is just a misleading Antivirus program that has copied the design of some reputable Antivirus program and rode into your computer on some Trojan horse. You will be in that trouble clicking on any link promising you free virus removal software. Antivir is not able to remove viruses because it is a virus itself.

There some methods to get rid of Antivir in some seconds. You can quickly conduct an Antivir removal. Taking little of resources of your operating system, it will quarantine viruses and other malicious software. But sometimes any antivirus product must be uninstalled or removed. It may not be updated properly because of corrupted files, or it does not want to start in a proper way and it needs to be reinstalled extremely.

There is a normal entry route for such programs. It is very easy to get rid of any Antivir following three simple steps mentioned below. Do not hesitate to do it and your PC will be back on track again and will be as good as new.

Do not panic even if you have clicked randomly on such a link telling you about a robust Antivirus downloaded. Just download a good antispyware as quickly as possible into your computer. To do this check public user ratings and click on a reputable antispyware to download it.

Then you should switch off the internet. You must let just downloaded antispyware follow its own course to eliminate Antivir.

All the corrupted program files sitting deep inside your computer will be found and list out by the antispyware program. All the connected files will be pulled up too and the program will know how they were installed into your PC. Do not stop antispyware program and let it go ahead and eliminate all the virus-infected programs by itself. When it is done, then switch of your machine and restart it.

After you have removed the Antivir, make sure that there are no roots and traces of the malware left hidden in the corners of your hard drives. Perhaps you need to run the antispyware one more time to get rid of Antivir if it still sits in your personal computer. Probably you will not find the Antivir after restarting your computer, but it would be better to check up one more time after the initial removal to make sure that there are no traces of the malicious program left inside your machine. Antivir program possesses a great capacity of corrupting important programs and can transmit your surfing experiences to a remote host through Trojan again, so you should get rid of this malware as quickly as possible before it is not late.

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