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Mortgage Origination Document Management Software Today

April 14, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

What is loan software? At its core, mortgage document management software is nothing more than the virtual illustration of a mortgage company’s physical filing cabinet.

Among the virtual filing cupboard you’ll realize the same basic organizational structures. Files are typically sorted based up on the borrower’s names or loan numbers. Among those folders you will find the whole mortgage workflow software keep company with those borrowers’ loans. It is the identical with web based loan software like ATLOS. Instead of keeping hard copy paper you’ll have all of those self same files housed electronically on our Tier 4 knowledge center where your files will be protected against natural disasters and alternative hazards.

One amongst the most important changes over the past two years is increased legislation around the mortgage industry. The necessity for transparency has increased greatly and mortgage related firms are wanting closer at technologies that may facilitate them guarantee they’re remaining compliant and also to help guard them from potential fraud. Our document management software allows these corporations to secure their business and have complete transparency of their entire mortgage workflow. From one central location they’re able to read the status of every loan in the pipeline. Directors and others can be auto notified of standing update changes or other changes which will be customized by the clients.

When it comes all the way down to it all mortgage corporations are wanting to gain greater security, streamline their mortgage operations, and cut prices wherever possible. ATLOS mortgage document management software is leading the approach in developing flexible software solutions for brokers, processor and banks.

Through our technology blog we have a tendency to will be detailing out the numerous edges of entering into a paperless mortgage environment. There are a number of factors that mortgage firms don’t take into consideration once they are looking at how abundant their current workflow is extremely costing them in each time and direct arduous money costs. We have a tendency to supply a free analysis to assist any company absolutely realize the amount of money being spent on exhausting copy paper loan files.

The best approach to determine our software in action is to request a free live demo where one of our sales staff will walk you through the software. We have a tendency to can be ready to indicate you specifically how we will prevent time and money whereas reducing your risk of fraud and creating your entire workflow a lot of transparent.

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We look forward to partnering together with your company. Our tools will give you the liberty to expand your business to the next level.

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