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Proper Repairing Solutions To Your Old Laptop

April 15, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

You are eager to speed up your old lap running like a snail and you are seeking for various ways how to do it. Here you will find some useful tips.

Add as more RAM as possible because many old laptops come from the factory with little RAM (from 256MB to 512Mb). And it is the first reason of your slow laptop as many applications and programs need more memory for good work and when they meet insufficient memory, they slow down the speed of the machine. In this case increasing the amount of RAM to 1GB or 2GB will really speed up your old laptop.

Get rid of unnecessary startup programs. Every time you switch on your computer the operating system load too many programs as it think you will need them, but usually you even do not know how many different programs and applications are active in your laptop, but they make your computer run very slowly. In order to repair your slow laptop disable unwanted startup programs using System Configuration Utility. Use inbuilt utility to clear up the useless system junk files.

Defragment and clean up your hard drive as it is one of the best ways to repair your laptop. How much free hard disk space has your laptop affects its performance. If it is fragmented through and through or too full, it would take you much time to access files when you need them. When we store and then remove different files, they occupy space on your hard drive. Use inbuilt Disk Defragmenter to defragment your laptop at least once a week in order to speed up its performance. After defragmentation your files will be easier to reach and the speed of your laptop will increase.

Then clean up your registry as slow running of your machine may be caused by bad files in registry files. With time, as you use operating system and install and uninstall programs, the registry becomes full of errors and damaged or corrupted registry files slow down the performance of your machine. Registry is the main part of the operating system and you should get rid of useless entries that are left in the registry, because they may cause various problems like freezing-ups, system sluggishness and even crashes. To prevent these problems and to speed up your laptop, you should clean the registry regularly and optimize the performance of your machine.

You will not need a lot of money to repair your laptop if you use the useful tips mentioned above. If you are tired of your slow old laptop, you may accelerate it by cleaning its registry, defragmenting the hard drive and your machine will run at the top speed even without buying a new RAM.

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