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Several Facts To Know Concerning Apple IPod Nano

April 20, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

Apple could at all times boast with high quality, durability and contemporary design of its gadgets. Certainly it hasn’t broken the tradition, and the new iPod Nano has increased quality and features. As always, Apple has beaten all its previous records and come up with a another improvement in its already best iPods. It is its own competitor. Here we are going to talk about this new gadget and it’s technical characteristics.

On the whole, it is a lot more curvaceous than the previous Nano. In fact, this model looks much more like a miniature version of the iPod Classic. It has rounded corners, and edges fade to a sharp edge. If concerning the top of iPod Nano, it’s made of aluminum and polished stainless steel back plate.

The next benefit of new iPod Nano is that it plays video on a bigger, brighter screen than before. I want to tell you that Apple says that the new screen is 65 per cent brighter than the previous generation’s screen. If you have ever keep this gadget in your hands, you would definitely see that it looks very attractive. The photos here look vibrant and videos are crisp, sharp and detailed. Besides, iPod nano makes your music look as good as it sounds, with the help of its bright color display. If you are in need of mp3 player download, this issue can be easily fixed with the help of Internet.

It should be noted that you can take movies from different sources and you can sync them to your iPod Nano to watch anywhere, anytime. It’s great that you can watch up to 5 hours of video on this gadget. It’s also a plus that you can get ipod touch download really easily. To browse music by album cover you can simply select an album to flip it over and see the track list. Also iPod nano has the capacity to hold up to 7,000 photos. It’s really easy to sync them from your Mac or PC using iTunes.

Let’s look at some extra features. They are calendars, contacts, world clock, stop watch and a screen lock that appears in the Extras menu, along with a few more handy items. These make the iPod Nano really a convenient and handy gadget.

In addition, the creators of iPod Nano have doubled its battery life. As it was already mentioned there also is almost the 65% increase in screen brightness. Even though the creators have prolonged Nano battery’s life, still it tends to be shorter if you frequently skip songs or if you use the back-light for extended periods. To cut the long story short, this is the smallest-screened media player, adding very good video- and game-playing capabilities to the previously music- and photo-only, popular iPod Nano. What’s more you can easily get and sync most ipod nano download in the Internet, which makes the use of Nano player even more convenient.