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The Best Way For Repairing Your System Registry

April 23, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Your Windows registry is a large database that stores all the necessary resources for your Windows operating system. This will include the software and hardware configurations, the user preferences, the network settings and many other important settings it may need. It controls the whole startup initialisation, how the applications and programs should perform, which ports are needed and how they are used for your peripherals and also how your system sets about shutting itself down. It is at the heart of your system and without the Windows registry your PC would cease to function.

Windows registry problems are a common occurance and can be caused by several things, some are more noticeable than others. Common causes for Windows registry problems are as follows: Imprompt system shutdowns, bad application installations or uninstallations, malicious code installed by a virus or spyware, outdated or obsolete drivers or even the wrong file associations. All of these problems cause the data that is stored in the relevant registry keys and values to be incomplete, and like anything that is incomplete – it will not function correctly.

Some PC registry problems will show some sort of error message. It may be easily readible or it may be lines of indecipherable code, but either way the explanation of the error will be within the message. Other PC registry errors do not show messages. These are the ones which will need certain elimination methods to be carried out. As said, there are many reasons which can cause unwanted issues to your system and most can be related to the Windows registry.

A registry fix can be performed in two ways. One is to manually carry out the registry repair. This can be done yourself by using the Windows registry repair utility known as ‘regedit’. Unless you are totally 100% competent and savvy with the process of this complicated operation then please do not proceed any more. An incorrectly edited or repaired Windows registry could leave your PC dead on it’s feet. Taking the computer to a reputable computer engineer would be the other option but of course this will cost.

Using a Windows registry repair tool is the safest and cheapest manner in which to repair your system registry. The software will run a registry scan to find the offending registry errors, list them and then they can be edited or deleted suitably. A respected registry cleaner is a fantastic piece of software that turns a very complexed matter into a simple automated repair process without any user intervention. Not only will this relieve your computer of any registry problems, it will also optimize the speed and performance of it.

An automated registry scan can be executed at regular intervals to keep on top of any other possible issues. Free software updates and technical help are readily available from any of the top registry cleaners so take some research time out to see what software meets your criteria.

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