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Outstanding Facts To Know About Apple IPod

April 24, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

These days there are no people knowing nothing about Apple iPod players. This is one of the most popular type of player. People now can get any ipod nano download they want just with a few movements. Let’s look at the main functions and features of a well known Apple iPod.

Primarily, let’s find out how many information can be stored at an iPod player nowadays. Indeed computers only deal with numbers: digital, rather than analogue, information. Then their vocabulary is limited to just zeros and ones: the “binary” number system. That is the reason why music on a computer or iPod no matter which genre it is, is reduced to a series of millions of zeros or ones. These days it’s reduced to a series of tiny magnetic or electronic charges, each representing a zero or a one. The last modification of Apple iPod player can store up to 160 GB of information. So you can store there a huge number of mp3 player download.

Some people may question aren’t CDs also “digital”? The answer is “Yes”. Indeed idea of reducing music to zeros and ones is nothing new: CDs, MiniDiscs and any other “digital” formats also store music as zeros and ones. Although you can store your music and other information at CDs and MiniDiscs, etc, still none of these other formats combines the capacity, flexibility and editability of an iPod.

Also some people have no slightest idea of what MP3 is. It should be noted that computers store information – such as documents, spreadsheets and images – as “files”, and there are various different formats for each kind of file. As an example a professional-quality photo might be in the tif format, while the same image displayed on a website would probably be a JPEG, which looks very nearly as good but is incomparably quicker to download. For you to see the format in which your file is made, you simply need to look at the file’s name ending.

And finally, music on iPods can be stored in numerous file formats, but the main ones you need to know about are the ubiquitous MP3 and the more recent AAC (Advanced Audio Coding). You simply must keep in mind that like JPEGs for images these are formats designed for compressing lots of information into very small files.

The next advantage of this gadget is its compact size. Thanks to it you can put your iPod player in any pocket and would feel comfortable. What’s more, the latest modification of iPod Touch can be controlled by voice. In fact this function is really convenient for sportsmen. What is more, you can get any ipod touch download you wish on-line.