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The Main Things To Consider About IPod Touch

April 25, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

Presently, iPod Touch is one of the most favorite players in the US. Indeed, it’s not only an MP3 player this is a multifunctional gadget. In addition it is known as an iPhone without the phone. As a matter of fact the iPod Touch is based on a Wi-Fi mobile platform and is included with Apple’s Safari web browser. I can’t but mention that iPod Touch is really similar to the iPhone in many ways, right down to the multi-touch graphical user interface and the sleek design.

Though these to gadgets have may features in common, still iPod Touch lacks many features that are found on the iPhone. For example, the iPod Touch has no Bluetooth capability, a microphone, a camera and a GPS receiver. However, this two gadgets look almost alike to each other.

It’s a great advantage that with the help of iPod touch as a portable media player, you can also watch iPod Touch movies. Even though you have such a good possibility, still the procedure of getting ipod touch download is complicated and somewhat strict. Additionally, the procedures of transferring a video into the gadget can also make troubles. Primarily, you can only upload videos in the mpg4 format. But in order to solve this problem, you can get converters in the internet. It’s a plus that the most of them are free. Then
After that you have to act in a following way.

When you have already downloaded a free iPod video converter you need to open a file you want to convert to from the ‘choose file’ option. You have to keep it in mind that the files could either be from your hard drive or a DVD. So you need to get mp3 player download first. After that when you want to convert a DVD, a number of files will appear on your converter’s display. You have to choose the file with largest size and start the conversion.

Don’t forget that you can change any aspects of the video on the converter itself, this may be its size and quality.
Then you have to transfer the files from the computer to your iPod Touch. You also have to take into account the fact that in order to accomplish this task, you’ll need the latest version of iTunes, which is available at Apple’s website. The rest is easy, you simply need to run the iTunes application and by selecting the ‘Movies’ start the sync. Remember, when you have iPod Nano, the procedure is the same but you need to get ipod nano download first.