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Release Your Disk Space And Increase Computer Speed

April 27, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

You probably have dealt with cleaning your hard drive the hard way: one file at a time. There is nothing more annoying that doing this, especially when you are attempting to consolidate a lot of duplicate information. You could go one file at time and allow the system to add a number to the end of a duplicate file name until later. Or you could use Duplicate File Cleaner to speed up the process. There is no sense doing this by hand anymore, not when there is a utility that will do all of the hard work for you.

Easy to install with a user friendly interactive screen, Duplicate File Cleaner goes through your hard drive one file at a time looking for duplicates. If a duplicate file is found, it gives you the option to rename the file or to delete it and free up space. The software is small yet powerful, coming in at around 1MB. When you run the program you can easily choose what type of file you want it to look for. You have options when it comes to what the program looks for.

Duplicate files cause the waste of disk space. They cover up hard disks, slow down speed, and cost you more on backup. Duplicate File Cleaner can find out and delete duplicate files in your computer very effectively, in order to release your disk space and increase your computer speed! Visit us for more software guide and software review.

Duplicate Cleaner is a tremendously helpful program for anyone wishing to tidy up a PC by identifying and deleting duplicate files.Duplicate Cleaner’s interface is all business. Although fairly straightforward, some odd interface choices may throw you, such as requiring you to click Select in order to see the types of available files rather than including those types in the drop-down list already visible. The program gives you three basic options for searching: folder(s), file type(s), and filter criteria. We scanned a single
drive (about 12,000 folders), looking for audio files and using the CRC Checksum method for comparison. The scan took just under 6 minutes and found 19 groups of duplicates comprising 43 individual files. You can also search for files with the same file name, size, or date–or any combination thereof–and limit the search to files within a particular size range.

Get rid of all the identical and duplicate files that not only occupy your precious hard disk space but also tend to diminish the efficiency of your system. The efficiency of this tool is enveloped in its distinguishing features which are; spots identical files by content, faster scanning and more accurate clone comparisons, traces and cleans; duplicate music, movies, photos, older versions of documents and more; scans music files in formats like; mp3, wma, flac, ape, ogg; handy interface with flexible search parameters, supports scanning in multiple locations in home and networked drives.That prove to be beneficial at the
user end.Efficiently get rid of all unwanted files with this simple, powerful and fast tool that proves a solution for your business or personal needs.

Protection for Windows and system files, Supports multiple languages: English, French, Italian,Chinese, Estonian, Deutsch, Nederlands,Português do Brasil, Russian.
This duplicate cleaner looked promising. Especially considering the lack of good freeware duplicate cleaning applications.The application offers a few safety measures directly accessible from an Options file menu. files will still show up in a duplicate list, and you will not see this in action until you go through with confirming the deletion of such a file.

Duplicate File Cleaner will be the better solution for duplicate file searching and cleaning by providing both the powerful tool kits and on demand services.

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