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PC Crashes Can Result With Data Loss. Apply The Correct Methods To Eliminate The Offending Reasons.

April 29, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

If your computer crashes alot then you will know how annoying this can be. Not only of this, but because of the nature of a computer freeze, it tends to happen when you least expect it. This can result in data loss especially if you were working on something at the time. A PC freeze is described as two outcomes. One is when just a program has stopped responding. This can be closed by going into the Task Manager and clicking on the offending item. The other crash is when all of the activity stops on the screen. Pressing on CTRL+ALT+DEL will resolve this by shutting down your PC.

This is all very well but really a resolution is needed if these PC crashes keep happening. Computer problems can be resolved by using elimination methods. Try to trace back your steps with what you have done on your computer. If new software was installed and the freezes have occurred since, then uninstall the software and see if this rectifies the problems.

Hardware drivers can cause major problems with your PC, a crash being just one of them. Check that the driver installed with your hardware is performing correctly. Go into the Device Manager which can be found in the Control Panel and check for any warnings. If there is then Disable the driver, shut down, reboot and see whether this rectifies your PC from freezing. If so, then try to update the driver for the latest version or completely uninstall it. You may find that the hardware is not compatible with your system.

A corrupted registry is a prime example of your PC crashing. The registry runs at the heart of your system holding all of the valuable information needed to make the operating system work together with the PC and the user. Redundant, corrupt and invalid registry information values lead to misinformed readings from the system which in turn give rise to a freeze. Installing a Microsoft registry cleaner takes the hard work away from a very complicated task. A registry cleaner is a fantastic tool to have and if used on a regular basis it will keep your computer running to optimum performance.

Viruses can also cause your computer to freeze. If you go online then you will need a decent reputable antivirus package. If you do not then your computer is vulnerable and insecure. If you already have an antivirus solution installed but you wish to install another, for example, a better product or one that was recommended to yourself, then ensure that the old antivirus is uninstalled. Two antivirus packages will conflict leaving your PC to crash.

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