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Some Things You Have To Know About Apple IPod Battery

May 01, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

It’s beyond doubt that Apple iPod is a wonderful MP3 player that gives its owners the opportunity to listen to music, view movies and podcasts, browse the web, play games and much more. Besides, the iPod is one of the most iconic gadgets of the 21st century. In fact, it has a unique design: the white earphones, the shiny metallic backside, and the white/black click-wheel. These elements of design have become pop culture icons in their own right. And even more, the army of an iPod followers is huge, now there is over a 100 million of these MP3 players in circulation. Taking this fact into account, we may make a conclusion that almost everybody has seen, used, or even owned one.

It’s wonderful that the iPod can hold your entire music library. In fact, the newest of the line model has a memory of 160GB. This gives you the opportunity to store any ipod nano download or ipod touch download you wish, because 160GB is more than enough for any music aficionado. Additionally, the newer models also have the ability to play back video or browse through photos. With such a number of functions Apple iPod will never leave you bored, as you will never be too far away from entertainment, no matter where you are.

Nonetheless,, iPod player has also have its disadvantages. One of the main drawbacks of iPod is it’s battery life which remains a critical issue. As a matter of fact without power, the iPod is as good as a brick. Actually, On the official Apple website you can find the information that the iPod Classic (the 80GB and 160GB models) have a battery life of 36 hours, or 6 hours when playing video. It should be noted that this is when you have the screen darkened and all songs are playing on automatic shuffle (i.e., ideal use).

Nonetheless, in your every day life, you will likely change/choose songs, adjust volume, or browse through your music collection. This would definitely lead to lesser battery life than claimed by Apple. Besides the majority of users say that they can squeeze 16-22 hours out of their iPods while playing music, and 3-4 hours while playing video.

In order to maximize their iPod’s battery life and have the possibility to listen to your favorite mp3 player download, you may do the following. First of all you can try lowering the back-light duration and brightness in the Settings section. It’s great thatA lower setting will go a long way in conserving battery life. You can also keep the iPod on shuffle, this is a good way to extend battery life. The thing is that when you manually use the iPod, you engage the back-light which drains your battery.

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