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Blackberry And IPhone Application Development

May 02, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

Mobile Development India has been recognized as one of the pioneer Blackberry Application Development Company, catering to a strong client base across North America, UK and Europe, Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East. Our company has delivered higher-end projects in client-server, wireless solutions, wireless entertainment or games applications, internet based applications and so on. Please contact us for blackberry application development at – blackberry application development – blackberry application development

Mobile Development India has a strong portfolio in iPhone Application Development, our company can cater to the growing needs of the iPhone industry, as we are capable of delivering a range of iPhone application development services such as iPhone apps development, iPhone business & sales application development, iPhone games or entertainment apps development, iPhone widget development, iPhone graphics designing, iPhone web service integration, iPhone website site development and more! For iphone application development please contact us at – iphone application development – iphone application development

We have recently delivered on an advanced iPhone application to provide iPhone users with the ability to view their iPhone screen on their desktop through WiFi. The application can also mirror the iPhone screen in realtime on any TV screen using the iPhone composite video cable.

We have also developed an advanced BlackBerry application to provide BlackBerry users with the ability to view and control their BlackBerry devices on their PC desktop through WiFi. The BlackBerry application can also mirror the BlackBerry screen in realtime on PC using the PC connect cable or through WiFi or any other network connection such as EDGE.

Please contact for any custom mobile application development projects for the BlackBerry or iPhone platform. We also have expert teams working on other mobile application development platforms such as Symbian, J2ME, Windows Mobile, MeeGo etc.

Mobile Development India provides iPhone application development and other smartphone development services for business and entrepreneurs. Our creative teams and iPhone application developers understand the importance of creating highly aesthetic and functional Apps with iPhone application development and other smartphone apps which drive measurable results that ultimately lead to a return on your investment. Equivalently, our strategy and marketing teams understand that successful promotion of your iPhone App idea is cornerstone to its success.

Some of our mobile application development services:
• iPhone Application Development
• iPod Touch Application Development
• BlackBerry Application Development
• Android Application Development
• Windows Mobile Application Development
• Symbian Application Development
• J2ME Application Development
• Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Pages
• Netbook Application Development

At Mobile Development India, we make the most innovative iPhone software development Apps available. We specialize in developing iPhone Apps across numerous domains. An example of our omnipresence spans across various platforms like Android application development, symbian OS development, iPhone apps development and Blackberry application development, including the wide range of domains listed below:
• Business
• Education
• Travel
• Lifestyle
• Reference
• Sports
• Productivity
• Music
• Healthcare and Fitness
• Finance
• Games
• Books
• Entertainment
• Multimedia
• Search Tools
• Social Networking
• Utilities

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