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How To Play Music From IPod On Your Computer

May 06, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

Nowadays Apple iPod is probably one of the most wanted model of MP3 player all over the world. Besides, this gadget definitely catches the hearts of all music lovers. The benefits of this gadget are such features like: ergonomic design and a stupendous storage device that is up to 160 gigabytes. And even more iPod players are handy, so that we could carry them anywhere we go to. Another thing that you could do with your iPod device is to play the music of it to your personal computer.

The first variant to use is a very quick audio uploading with iTunes. Actually you can upload up to 1,000 songs from your iPod to your Mac with the help of its built-in software, the iTunes. It’s wonderful that you have the possibility to upload your digital music collection with all your different playlists in just less than 10 minutes. iPod users are really amazed about this cool feature. Then you simply need to connect your iPod to your computer and that’s it. Thanks to this simple action all the music in your iPod is transferred automatically in your Mac.

As a matter of fact, iPod stores its content through a database methodology. Next iTunes copies its content to a hidden directory structure and updates the database stored within iPod. Later iPod and iTunes make use of this database to catalog and index the content.

It’s also great that besides music, you could upload all the videos, photographs that you have downloaded in your iPod to your computer. Furthermore, you can upload any ipod nano download and ipod touch download from your iPod to your computer. Everything’s simple, you need just to plug the USB port of your iPod to your computer and there you go. In such a way you could view movies, create a presentation of your favorite photos, watch your favorite movies and share it with your friends.

One more great way to use your iPod is to transfer files between PC and Mac. Also, you shouldn’t forget that in case you like to transfer your audio files between a PC and a Mac, your iPod should be Windows-formatted. This gives the opportunity for your PC and your Mac to access it. When your computer is not Windows-formatted, you need to utilize a special program that would give yo the possibility to use your iPod on both Windows and Mac.

All in all, if you have such gadget as iPod in your disposal, you can use it for a number of processes. The thing is that iPod is a real multifunctional gadget that not only gives you the opportunity to listen to music watch video and store any mp3 player download you wish, but also to work with PC and Mac.

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