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Some Interesting Information Regarding Paper

May 14, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Below are some attention-grabbing statics relating to paper, the way it affects our lives and what it costs. ATLOS’s doc management resolution is able to assist with all of those issues.

* The typical U.S. executive wastes six weeks per 12 12 months retrieving misplaced data from desks or files. At a yearly wage of $75,000, this could translate to 12.3 % of whole earnings.
* 90% of all paperwork handled each day are merely shuffled.
* It prices $one hundred twenty five in labor to trace down a misplaced doc or $250 to recreate it.
* Over 800 million pages are created from laptop printouts per day, enough to fill a file drawer 225 miles long.
* Regardless of visions of a paperless workplace, eighty-90% of all data within the average office remains to be maintained on paper.
* 80% of filed papers are under no circumstances referenced again. 50% of all filed supplies are duplicates or the information has already expired.
* Experience continues to point that 30%-40% of all recorded data could be instantly deleted from digital methods or paper systems.
* In each survey taken over the previous 20 years, managing paperwork falls within the prime ten time-shedding activities.
* Simply introducing piece of email into an office will increase paper printing by 40%.
* Workgroups lose 15% of all paperwork they deal with and spend 30% of their time trying to find misplaced documents. 7.5% of all paperwork are misplaced and never retrieved.

As you can see despite the efforts of many companies that try to “go green” and reduce their carbon footprint, we’re still primarily a paper based mostly society. Many industries such because the mortgage industry nonetheless require arduous copy paper documents which cause inefficiencies, a bigger footprint, and ultimately more costs.

By migrating to a hosted mortgage origination system resolution it is possible for you to to streamline your operation, scale back your footprint, and scale back your costs. A hosted web based doc management resolution also allows users to have a centralized repository for all vital knowledge that will be easily retrieved from wherever with internet access.

With a hosted document management solution you received’t have to fret about shedding documents, physical degradation of documents, misfiling paperwork, or utilizing up doubtlessly expensive actual property that may very well be put to better use. Now that firms like ATLOS are capable of present loan document management using the SaaS (Software program as a service) technique there isn’t any upfront expense in switching your total operations to a paperless environment. It’s now possible to be paperless within 24 hours of creating the dedication to a hosted resolution that can make you paperless.

The average consumer has turn out to be more and more a fan of buzz phrases similar to “going inexperienced” and “paperless firm”. By using a doc management solution you will be able to reap the rewards of marketing to your shoppers utilizing those very buzzwords that they may react to.

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