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Common Windows Problems, Such As A Windows Blue Screen Can Stem From A System Registry Error.

May 21, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

The Windows bluescreen is a formidable Windows problem that can stop your PC dead in it’s tracks. It is a very serious error that it fact has the cause of the problem written in the code on the blue screen. This problem which will keep on re-occuring until it is repaired is beyond the scope of most users, but if given the correct knowledge, the Windows bluescreen can be stopped. Check the event viewer within the computer management console and this will suggest the cause of the error to occur.

Any PC problem can be resolved. A slow running PC is very annoying and frustrating yet it will have an underlying problem. Slow response and low performance speeds will rapidly worsen if left for too long. Try the Windows operating system tools first to eliminate the problems. Clean your hard disk first by deleting any data you no longer need. Uninstall any programs that are unused and then use the ‘defrag’ tool to re-group all of your data and files on your hard disk. This helps tidy-up your data so that the read-write processing times are much quicker.

If this still does does not work then you should check your device manager within the control panel for any obsolete drivers. Device drivers can cause big problems for your PC so check out this path.

Another common computer problem is when your Windows freezes. Data is generally lost when this happens so it is critical that this problem is resolved. Viruses will induce a computer freeze so check that your antivirus software is up to specification. New viruses are created every day so use the best you can buy. Viruses can and will seriously damage your PC system – that is what they are created for.

A boot problem are another annoying common computer problem. The list for the possible reasons for this to occur is long. Corrupt device drivers, viruses, corrupt system files even a software package or a hardware failure can cause a boot error. Elimination is the key to all of this. Track back to what you last did on your system – whether you installed new software or hardware, upgraded anything, opened an email attachment from an unknown source. These are just some of many possibilities for any of the listed computer problems.

Yet most computer issues can all be linked in some way to a registry error. The Windows registry is the most important component within your system. It controls and stores of the configuration, user, network, security and many more settings for your PC. It is also the middle man between yourself – the user and the operating system. Look after your system registry. Use a reputable registry cleaner all of which can be downloaded online. Once your registry is cleaned you will undoubtly notice a huge difference in your system performance and response times.

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