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Wireless Keyboards With Trackball A Personal Review

May 26, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Hardware

This is an superb sleek and stylish all-in-one keyboard/trackball/media remote handle. But it does have a few flaws.

I got this to be used from my sofa to perform usual but light computing activities for example writing emails and exploring the internet. I already have my Media Centre remote handle for all my media centre functions.

The keyboard is definitely an superb accompaniment to my media remote. It can be soft and so sits perfectly upon your knees with no any discomfort. it has a eye-catching structure that tends to make it easy to grip unlike numerous other handheld keyboards which have too sleek surfaces. The keys are designed similar to a laptop computer and are fine for keying e-mail etc. You do need to press with a tad a lot more force than you would having a good full-sized keyboard.

Wireless keyboard trackball have a lot many other features. Indeed it is multi-featured and one of the most stat of the art keyboard. Its powerful and feels great to steer the cursor with utilizing your proper thumb (I have actually discovered much more handle by rolling my index finger along with middle fingers making use of my thumb to pinch – to each their own!). The standard settings are too sensitive however but you are able to very easily adjust this using the mouse properties inside the manage panel. The mouse buttons are located on the left operated with the correct thumb. Takes getting used to but its efficient.

You will find 7 programmable keys about the left side which are helpful but haven’t so much programmed them yet.

My Windows 7 picked up the keyboard without having any require for extra software/drivers being installed. Nonetheless, you do require to install the included cd computer software to program the they keys that can be programmed.

The media remote is really a big fail. It might work its extremely fundamental objective nevertheless falls far as well short being a substitution for my role-specific media remote. There’s no come back to last list on it. Neither are there the navigation control keys. I think we’re anticipated to utilize the cursor keys that are just to the bottom left with the pad nevertheless that weakens the point from the linked media remote at the side. It does not also include virtually any forwards and also backwards skips. I discover making use of the trackball easier to navigate my media center than the media remote.

Due to the fact the media remote is really a large fail, I would most likely rather have a numeric keyboard get its place.

Keeping in view the overall performance, despite my small gripes, this is still a great buy if you require a Wireless Keyboards with trackball combo to make use of with your media center from the comfort and ease of your own sofa or armchair. Nonetheless it won’t replace your media middle remote. I would notrecommend it for your desk as its not meant being used for heavier computing use.

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