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Helpful And Effective Tools For Secure Data Destruction

May 29, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Data Recovery/Security

Companies requiring the removal of sensitive data need to understand that the delete button is not effective enough at doing this. Files are still accessible to third party once deleted as they still remain within the storage medium. Therefore many companies offer techniques to enable the removal of data from a system or storage devise.

Before any computer is sold or recycled a number of data destruction techniques could be applied to remove any sensitive data. Degaussing is a technique which either removes or reduces the magnetic field from a disk or drive. Floppy disks can generally be reused after this technique. High security environments such as the government may require degaussers which have been approved to ensure the technology is good enough for the job.

Magnetic media is data that is stored on a magnetic medium such as hard disks, floppy discs and recording tapes. Magnetic media storage are commonly used methods of data storage and are expected to increase. Forms of magnetic storage produce different patterns of magnetization to store data. Magnetic storage may be used by companies or organizations to store confidential or sensitive information. Sensitive data needs to be destroyed using effective techniques before being released into public domain.

Magnetic media degaussing is a quick and effective way of erasing media from hard discs and hard drives, by decreasing or removing the magnetic field within the disc or drive to remove the media. Euro-Recycling is a company who can degauss hard discs, hard drives and mass media storage devises to remove sensitive data. This can be carried out on site by Euro-Recycling with an approved CESG degausser.

The method of data destruction is a technique used by Euro-Recycling, which physically damages a devise beyond it’s use or repair. Destruction is common method used to completely destroy device physically, so that it cannot be used again. Methods such as melting, pulverizing and crushing are used in the destruction process. Hard drive destruction, magnetic media destruction and hard disc destruction are all ways in which data can be removed to prevent recovery.

Another method includes data purging, which removes sensitive data before any software or computer is released into third party hands. Data purging carries out data removal with the intention that the data cannot be recovered.

Another common method is data wiping. The simplest form of this technique is just to write the same data everywhere within the software device. The more advanced method requires alternate data to be written all over the storage medium, which is stronger than the simpler form. However data overwriting is not the strongest method out there. Companies using government approved tools are more secure than those tools which haven’t

Mobile shredding are only a few of the techniques which can be used to prevent sensitive data from being released into third party hands. All you need to do is search for companies out there who can carry out these techniques for you or your company. However it is important to make sure their tools have been government approved before use. Also look at recycling opportunities they offer.

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