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10 Reasons To Upgrade To IPhone OS 4

June 26, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

The Apple’s iOS 4 arrives Monday for owners of the iPhone 3GS and third generation iPod Touch, delivering a bevy of new features worth the upgrade. If you’re not getting an iPhone 4 (by choice or limited stock availability), iOS 4 should supercharge your old iPhone with new tricks until your next upgrade.

Apple has not specified what time it will be releasing iOS 4, but if last year’s 3.0 release is anything to go by, expect the new operating system to hit the tubes sometime after 1 p.m. Eastern/10 a.m. Pacific Time. Patience is also a must, as millions of devices are eligible for the free upgrade, putting a lot of pressure of Apple’s servers.

Before we delve into the goodies within iOS 4, a sad reminder for original iPhone and iPod Touch users: you won’t be able to upgrade to iOS 4, as Apple says the hardware on these devices is not supported. iPhone 3G owners will get the update, but some of the features below won’t be available, such as multitasking.

Also, if you have an iPad (which runs iOS 3.2), iOS 4 will arrive for you only in September. On the reverse, many iPad-only features by now have been ported into iOS 4 for. So here are some of the cool new and useful features in iOS 4.

Smart Folders

As simple as it sounds, this feature was missing on the iPhone. The folders feature in iOS 4 will help you declutter your home screen, letting you compile under a single location up to 12 applications.

To access folders, enter customize mode (tap on an icon until all icons start jiggling), slide any icon on to another and a new folder is created. You can rename the folder to your liking, but iOS 4 will also suggest a folder name if applications grouped in a folder belong to the same category (like games, utilities, travel).

Wallpapers everywhere

iOS 4 lets you set a wallpaper not only for the lock screen (as previously available), but also for the home screen. Like on the iPad, you will have the option to select a different image for the lock and home screen, or you can use the same image throughout. There is no way to set a wallpaper for each of your home screens, though.

E-mail improvements

The first thing you will notice in the Mail app in iOS 4 is the unified inbox. Users will multiple e-mail accounts have been longing for this feature for a while, and Apple finally delivered.

There is also support for threaded messages, so you can easily follow up on conversations (each discussion has a single entry that you can tap on and expand it). A big boon for business users will also be support for multiple Exchange account, as only one per device was available by now.


Alongside the predictive typing on the iPhone, spelling corrections were missing, but this issue is resolved with iOS 4. Misspelled words will be underlines with a jagged red line, and when tapped correction suggestions will be displayed. This feature works system-wide, including in Mail and Notes.

SMS search & Character Count

You can search through SMS messages in iOS 4, just like you do with e-mails in the Mail app. Just flick the top of the main messages screen and a search bar is revealed. A character count while typing a message is also displayed, so you can keep tabs on your SMS allowance.

iPod Playlist Creation & Editing

iOS 4 bring a few enhancement to the iPod app as well. You will be able to see a new music control bar at the bottom of the screen when listening to music in the background. There is also the capability to create and edit playlists on your iPhone with iOS 4, which get synced with iTunes when connected to your computer.

Orientation lock

The iPhone screen won’t annoyingly rotate any more when you are laying in bed reading on a side. The new OS brings a software orientation lock feature, which you can access by double-tapping the Home button and then swipe to the left (the same way you access the iPod controls).


The iBooks app is coming to your iPhone with iOS 4. You will be able to sync your existing iBooks library (books purchased from the iPad) and also add PDF files to it. iBooks will keep in sync with your iPad (and vice versa) where you left off reading a book. You will have to download iBooks manually from the App store.

Bluetooth keyboards support

iOS 4 now enables you to use any compatible Bluetooth keyboard and type away long messages.


Multitasking is the biggest feature in iOS 4. First off, developers will have to update their apps to be compatible with iOS 4 multitasking. Theoretically, you will be able to use Pandora in the background while playing a game, or receive a Skype call while reading your email.

To access your open apps, double-tap the Home button and icons of the application running in the background will be displayed along the bottom of the screen. Tap on the app you want to switch to and you are in.

Alongside multitasking, Wi-Fi will no longer disconnect when your iPhone is locked, so you can receive calls and notifications from Wi-Fi only apps (like Skype) as long as you have a connection available.

Five more noteworthy improvements:

* 5X digital zoom for the camera
* Tap-to-focus video
* Suggestion in Safari and universal search
* Birthday calendar
* Places and events in Photos app

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Our Life’s Are Taken Over By Apple IPads

June 26, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

The new Technology in peoples life’s has much to say for itself and has much to respond for as well. But old Technology is changed with up-to-the-minute technology and the outdated items get left eliminated always and forever. This is precisely the same with the Apple iPads additionally.

Now I desired to type my opinions down forever about my personal rants on some things. Technology being first up and within the agenda definitely. In my opinion Technology has a lot to say of itself. I believe we have a tendency to take Technology in granted an excessive amount and Technology is training kids a dangerous message. Let’s keep in mind exactly what it was like of the days before you had all the Technology we own today.

I remember when the first colour TV’s came out. Used to watch Betamax videos on them until my old fella got a VHS player one evening. After that promptly after came CD’s and DVDs. DVD players and Games Consoles The merchandise and electrical products that may, not alone provide some kind of amusement but very quickly take over our houses and lifestyles as we mingle Technology into our lives progressively more.

People say Technology doubles in rate yearly. Therefore at this point of time next year all those products will be quite out of date. (Think scenes from the film AI) Decayed old handsets or engines thrown out inside the refines of a dusty case at some place. As revolutionary Technology is gathered, marketing campaigns and TV advertisements go out inviting the public in the nations around the world around the globe to purchase some other exceptional and complicated mobiles. The foremost newest type of DVD Player or iPhone 4 with MicroSIM card.

They entice people today to obtain these products saying how they are so much superior than the last variations they promoted and supplied to you in exactly the same way. And they realize folks want to have the most up-to-date Technology. They appreciate individual would like to “keep up with the Jones’ next door”. It’s almost like purchasing the newest Technological gadget or product makes them really feel more secure or more connected with society. Perhaps causing them to feel closer towards the future than other citizens.

Yet this simply sustains repeating itself again and again throughout time. Through centuries where we have contained the command of Technology and improved in expertise. And as such the outdated products that get enhanced end up either forgotten about and lost forever or at most damaging disposed of. Right now I’m no EcoWarrior but still even without word of warning of Environmental damage being triggered by “E-Waste” (Electrical Waste) it doesn’t take much to figure out the actual massive amount of E-Waste and the prospective damage that may be introduced to the Environment when they will not be recycled competently.

All mainly because I was hunting for a good Micro SIM Card for iPad. It is merely an additional contraption that will soon end up being displaced for another. Unfortunately for what cost!

The new Apple iPad uses new MicroSIM Card technology and you will require an Apple iPad MicroSIM Card for the Apple iPad to put it to use. Compare Cheap iPad MicroSIM Cards and find the perfect one to suit your needs with our mobile comparison website.

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3 Alternatives How To Connect IPod To Your Car

June 25, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

Everybody loves to listen for the songs, wherever they are likely to hear the music. Car audio is a must equipment set up in a car, This is the audio system that is fixed inside a vehicle. When we take a long trip, it sometimes gets to be really wearisome when we don’t have just anything to do. Car audio is a desire for car fans and audiophiles as well. CD players, DVD players, video displays, amplifiers, and subwoofers will modify your car. As well as with so many items, it can also be important to have a car system kit.

Connecting the iPod to your vehicle is the right way to listen the music file in the car. It isn’t difficult as you feel to connect iPod to car stereo. There are a few ways of connect iPod to the car.

1.iPod FM Transmitter

Through FM transmitter, the audio out of your ipod can be transmitted towards your vehicle audio system. Which means that forget about cable was required to connect your iPod to your car. You simply need to power on your iPod and synchronized the signal with your car audio then you can definitely listen to your chosen popular music. Buy the right iPod FM transmitter which has the ability to produce clear sound, so you can enjoy and also think comfort with all the favorite songs you listen.

2.iPod Cassette Adapter

It looks like this unit can be an old solution to connect the iPod to your car. However , no matter in case you have a cassette deck in your own car dash. Just simply insert the iPod cassette and it commonly need a cable to connect your iPod to the cassette adapter and you may get pleasure from your music.

3.Auxiliary Cable

This is certainly a great way for connecting your iPod to the car. You only want the auxiliary cable, connect it to the iPod and also to the AUX port of the car audio you’ll be able to listen your selected songs with this method.

Connecting your iPod to your car is just as effortless as connecting it to your laptop. Around 90 percent of all new cars sold in the USA come with an option for ipod device connectivity. Connecting by the dock connection instead of the headphone jack. Your iPod’s dock connector outputs a cleaner audio transmission compared to headset dock. Connect the line out towards the line in on the vehicle head unit.

Which is necessary if you’d like to connect your ipod to your car you will want the car iPod mount to be able to protect your iPod from dropping or anything else which will break the iPod. iPod car mount often provide a charger for the iPod. Which means you never get worried regarding the power of your iPod although the iPod is certainly functioning continuously while you on your way, so when you arrive to your destination, the iPod consistently have good enough power.

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Nokia Morph – The Nano Technology Mobile

June 22, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Mobile

Nokia Launched alongside The Museum of Modern Art “Design and The Elastic Mind” exhibition, the Morph concept device is a bridge between highly advanced technologies and their potential benefits to end-users. This device concept showcases some revolutionary leaps being explored by Nokia Research Center (NRC) in collaboration with the Cambridge Nanoscience Centre (United Kingdom) – nanoscale technologies that will potentially create a world of radically different devices that open up an entirely new spectrum of possibilities.

Morph concept technologies might create fantastic opportunities for mobile devices:

* Newly-enabled flexible and transparent materials blend more seamlessly with the way we live
* Devices become self-cleaning and self-preserving
* Transparent electronics offering an entirely new aesthetic dimension
* Built-in solar absorption might charge a device, whilst batteries become smaller, longer lasting and faster to charge
* Integrated sensors might allow us to learn more about the environment around us, empowering us to make better choices

%KEYWORDS1% Nano Technology Mobile

In addition to the advances above, the integrated electronics shown in the Morph concept could cost less and include more functionality in a much smaller space, even as interfaces are simplified and usability is enhanced. All of these new capabilities will unleash new applications and services that will allow us to communicate and interact in unprecedented ways.

Flexible & Changing Design

Nanotechnology enables materials and components that are flexible, stretchable, transparent and remarkably strong. Fibril proteins are woven into a three dimensional mesh that reinforces thin elastic structures. Using the same principle behind spider silk, this elasticity enables the device to literally change shapes and configure itself to adapt to the task at hand.

A folded design would fit easily in a pocket and could lend itself ergonomically to being used as a traditional handset. An unfolded larger design could display more detailed information, and incorporate input devices such as keyboards and touch pads.

Even integrated electronics, from interconnects to sensors, could share these flexible properties. Further, utilization of biodegradable materials might make production and recycling of devices easier and ecologically friendly.


Nanotechnology also can be leveraged to create self-cleaning surfaces on mobile devices, ultimately reducing corrosion, wear and improving longevity. Nanostructured surfaces, such as “Nanoflowers” naturally repel water, dirt, and even fingerprints utilizing effects also seen in natural systems.

Advanced Power Sources

Nanotechnology holds out the possibility that the surface of a device will become a natural source of energy via a covering of “Nanograss” structures that harvest solar power. At the same time new high energy density storage materials allow batteries to become smaller and thinner, while also quicker to recharge and able to endure more charging cycles.

Sensing The Environment

Nanosensors would empower users to examine the environment around them in completely new ways, from analyzing air pollution, to gaining insight into bio-chemical traces and processes. New capabilities might be as complex as helping us monitor evolving conditions in the quality of our surroundings, or as simple as knowing if the fruit we are about to enjoy should be washed before we eat it. Our ability to tune into our environment in these ways can help us make key decisions that guide our daily actions and ultimately can enhance our health.

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Increase Portable Battery Power

June 22, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Laptop batteries are very expensive to replace, and once they die, if you don’t have an extra battery, you can’t go anywhere without your power adapter and obviously need somewhere to plug it in.

When operating your laptop on battery power, run the battery down until the computer warns you it going dead. Then plug in the laptop until the battery is fully charged. If you keep your laptop mainly in the same place, keep it hooked up to AC power. There’s no reason to run on the battery if it’s not necessary. If the battery is fully charged and you disconnect it to take it to another room for a few minutes, do not hook it back up to the AC power, let the battery run down. Why you ask?

Batteries have memory, if they constantly use only a portion of their power, they forget they have more to offer. Sounds funny, but that’s how they work. They claim the newer high end batteries do not have memory, but honestly I haven’t had any experience with them so I cannot verify that for sure. I can say that my iPhone after a year and a half, still has excellent battery power even though I am guilty of charging it when it’s not even nearly dead.

Macbook batteries go 300+ cycles before they go bad, a cycle is full charge to dead. I treat my cycles like gold, my Macbook pro is 3 months old and I have only used 7 cycles and follow the rule of fully charged to fully dead.

If you are experiencing low battery life and do have some of the bad habits that I mentioned above, there is a remedy. Fully charge your battery and run it down completely dead (until the laptop turns off), do this 3 times and it should give your battery some more life, but don’t expect it to be like new. This applies to all batteries, laptops, mobile phones, tools, etc.

If your battery does not improve by performing he above process, shop around on the internet for a replacement. Avoid going directly to the manufacturer as they are usually the most expensive. Try auctions site, online computer stores, etc.

Batteries that are going bad can also cause your laptop to lock up and crash. I recently received a call about a laptop not starting up either on battery power or AC power. I removed the battery, it came right up. If this happens to you, and your laptop does not recover, it may need to be professionally serviced.

Conserve battery energy by adjusting your power settings to put the display and hard disk to sleep after 5 minutes of not being used. Never use your laptop in a very hot environment, if you do, buy a fan tray for it to rest on.

Computer Service

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How To Properly Backup Your Data: Use DVDs, Another Hard Drive Or Offsite Backups

June 21, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

The files on your PC can be very vital to you, even moreso if you are like those of us who make a living using a computer. Over the past several years, the PC has grown on all of us, making our day-to-day lives a great deal easier. For this reason, it’s easy to conclude that if we lost the files on our PC, it would totally wipe out a majority of our own identity. Losing data can be a great disaster, to say the least. Although personal computers usually store your data reliably, these devices have been known to fail occasionally. Three of the main ways to backup your data are DVD backups, complete hard drive backups and offsite backups.

Even though the personal computer has become a lot more reliable in the past several years, it is almost impossible to keep PCs from losing files. You must not give up without a fight though, as you can indeed take control. The best approach to ensure that you don’t lose your valuable information is to back up and continue backing up. You ought to back up the data on your personal computer at least weekly, with a backup daily for new or changed data being the recommended way to go.

Previously, and even for some today, the DVD disk is the usual method in use to preserve the information on your computer. Although DVDs store a fairly small amount of files, they are easy to obtain, easy to utilize, and almost every personal computer has a DVD drive. So determine which folders – usually ‘My Documents’ and perhaps your folders for Email, Music, Photos and downloaded software – then burn them straight to a data DVD or compress them to a zip file and copy that archive to the DVD. When you use DVD/RW disks, you can keep on adding files to them the next time you run a backup. If you do not use the RW (re-writable) media, then you won’t be able to come back at a later time and add more data to the DVD.

If you plan to use DVDs, you will need a DVD drive, which you may buy for a great price nowadays. The DVDs are cheap also, which only makes this method of backing your information up so much better. Copying files directly to DVDs is the form of backup that most people are making use of nowadays, however, a preferred method of backing up your information is to backup the entire hard drive. Those people who are looking to move up to the next level should look into backing up your whole hard disk. Backing up your whole hard disk is in fact one of the prime and safest ways to backup your computer. If you do a backup of your entire hard drive, it will copy all of your files, so if a hard disk crash occurs you’ll always have your information.

Doing a full backup of your entire hard drive is great, although it can take a long time. To make matters worse, they advise that you make a full backup at least weekly. On the other hand, however, if the information on your personal computer is very important, you will discover it is more than worth the effort and time required to back up your things. You’ll need an extra hard disk that’s at least as large as your primary hard drive.

The most modern method you can back up your data and programs is to use offsite backups. Several companies provide offsite backup services, and you may learn about them at the link below. Just like using DVDs, when setting up one of these offsite backup services you have to specify what folders to backup, then you simply let the service make its first full backup of those folders which usually takes several hours. After that, it’s all automatic: the backup program looks for new and changed files, and uploads them to their offsite backup computers.

An important issue to consider is if your offsite backups keep previous versions of data. This is called “versioning.” That way, when you need to restore one or several files that somehow got updated incorrectly, simply go online – often you can use your web browser – and download a previous version to your PC. Making use of offsite backups means that you need not worry about someone stealing or destroying your backup media – DVDs or extra hard drive – together with your computer.

Whether it is for your business or for personal reasons, you can’t go wrong backing up your files. You should always strive to back things up properly, including the registration keys for all software you bought, because this will ensure that your programs along with your data will always be recoverable when you have to recover them. You can most likely find copies of installation programs on the Internet or by asking your friends, but you will need your own registration keys to install those programs legally.

This way, if you inadvertently delete some files, or your PC is stolen, lost, or damaged in a fire or flood, or your hard disk happens to burn out and you lose all the data on it, you will always have your backup files to restore from. This by itself can save you lots of worry, time, effort, and very possibly even hard-earned cash – just for the fact that the files are all but a simple copy away to recover, either from DVDs, an extra hard disk or offsite backups.

Best regards,

Robert Hosken
“Dr. Bob the CompuNerd”

The author, Dr. Robert Hosken, has over 30 years of career experience in software development. Starting in his teens he has started and run many businesses and non-profit entities. Download his free e-Book “How To Maintain Your Computer” and learn the modern methods to save your valuable information at offsite backups or see his homepage at www.CompuNerds.Net or write him at Robert@CompuNerds.Net – thank you!

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