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What Is The Android Sense Interface

July 03, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Mobile

With all of the features the Sprint HTC Hero boasts, the Sense user interface, which lets you customize seven home panels, is probably probably the most efficient. Now, you can have divide shortcuts and widgets for work, home, entertainment, travel, and each and every category one can think of. The HTC Hero is the very first phone in the United States to include the Sense interface. Now each user can tailor their phone so that it is really unique, but more importantly, so that it has important information right where you would like it most. The HTC Hero Sense feature is fun to set up for each user’s lifestyle but it is also easy to quickly switch between panels to be able to manage different areas of your life easily and efficiently. While your work email may be up on one panel, you may be checking the weather for your travel destination on another. While most android devices provide three home screens, with the Sprint HTC Hero, you get seven. This provides you a lot more flexibility when it comes to managing the various aspects of your personal and professional lives. Easily navigate through the seven home screens by utilizing your finger on the touch screen or you can use the bar below the screen. Just hold your finger on the screen to be able to access the widgets, which drive the android phone. Even though the phone is extremely customizable, the widgets make it quick and easy to customize so that you aren’t spending hours trying to figure out complicated applications. Just some of the widgets you can grab for the HTC Hero include bookmarks, music, mail, and Twitter to name a few. You can even add a calendar to your home page to be able to easily keep up with appointments and whatever else you’ve going on. Add weather, pictures, and more. The Sprint HTC Hero is made to be your phone, featuring your life – on seven home screens.

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