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Microsoft Dynamics AX – A Look At How It Can Benefit Your Business

July 15, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Microsoft has developed an integrated enterprise resource planning system that is designed to save time on administration, improve the efficiency of your business, and improve decision making in your business by providing information in “real-time”. This innovative program is called Microsoft Dynamics AX. Below we discuss each advantage of the program in greater detail.

– Forecasting is an important aspect to business. With this program you can follow the buying trends of your customers so you can adjust your inventory levels to fit their needs. It also contains an unlimited number of forecast models for you to predict scenarios in the industry. Another great benefit is that you can take those forecasts and plug them into the general ledger forecast for a quick look at potential cash flow.

– With Microsoft Dynamics AX you are able to replace many manual processes with automated ones, you are able to automate your receiving and shipping processes while facilitating cross docking and back order shipments. Productivity will be boosted and any amounts of transactions can be handled by the same amount of resources, allowing for business growth.

– You can keep your shelves fully stocked with Microsoft Dynamics AX’s live view capability. There is a direct link between the warehouse and the sales floor so you can make sure the stock is there when the customer wants it. As an item is sold, the warehouse can load another item into the truck for delivery. This program also tells you when you will get the product from the manufacturer, the quantities available at the distribution sites, and when the order can be delivered to them. This will increase your sales order processing efficiency and keep your customers satisfied.

– You can use Microsoft Dynamics AX to build a variety of business strategies. You can bring your new company-wide efficiency to the warehouse as well, optimizing resources and generating perpetual inventory strategies. This will give you advanced inventory control and management in your warehouse, and the quantity of stock is updated in real-time based on returns, receipts and total sales. Dynamics AX also allows you to build smart strategies based on the type of item you are stocking, such as its weight, or whether or not it is food items.

– When you team Microsoft Dynamics AX with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, users can get real-time information for reports at any phase of the business. This will increase your visibility by allowing you to track activity and the costs associated with it so you can analyze the cost value, margin information, and revenue. The added benefit is that Microsoft Dynamics AX is easy to use and has the same look and feel as other Microsoft programs, which allows every user in your company a sense of comfort when they sit down at the program for the first time.

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