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The Secret How To Fix The Web’s Biggest Pests

July 22, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Where would we be without the Internet? True, it is an essential element of today’s lifestyle, but it can be riddled with aggravations that we could do without. Here are a few ways to fix some of the web’s biggest pests.

Whether it is aggravating ads, pop ups, over done Flash elements or other unfriendly happenings, the Internet can make your life miserable instead of productive and enjoyable. But it does not have to be like this. Here are several ways to use Google’s Chrome browser to alleviate these irritations.

– Google’s Chrome browser has taken care of the slow browser speed and some of the crashing problems. It is built to keep from crashing the whole browser when a Flash element crashes in one tab. This in itself is a great improvement. While good, Chrome does lack some of the abilities Firefox has such as its impressive “about:config” tool.

– Remove pesky ads. One way to stop pop-out, roll-over or forever blinking ads is by using AdBlock Plus Firefox add-on or with AdThwart Chrome extension. All you have to do is point at an ad you want to nix and it will prevent it from showing up there or somewhere else on the net. If you want to totally “blacklist” an ad, use AdSweep along with AdThwart.

– Flash blocking. Want to block flash on a site that gives you problems? Firefox and Chrome both have extensions called FlashBlock that will selectively block flash elements along with Microsoft Silverlight. The extension resides in the address bar. You can also “whitelist” useful flash elements.

– Make those links clickable. Have you ever seen a great article, blog or forum post that contains links that are not clickable? Wouldn’t it have been nice if the author had taken the time or had the knowledge to make the links so you could click through to the website mentioned? Chrome has an extension called Clickable Links that fixes this very issue. One of the problems with this extension is that it does not open the link in a new tab unless you remember to press Ctrl-click.

– Get rid of the formatting. If you want to strip out all of the HTML formatting when you copy and paste text from a web page, then Chrome’s Copy Without Formatting extension is for you.

– Block sites. If you want to block sites from showing up at certain times of the day or on your computer at all, you can use Firefox’s add-on Leechblock. LeechBlock is a simple tool designed to block time-wasting orannoying sites that can suck the life out of your day. Just specify the sites you want to stop and when you want to stop them.

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