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Is It Possible That Unlocking Iphone Four Will Cost More Than Buying It?

July 30, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

Unlocking iPhone four is generally a time consuming process and may end up more expensive for you than you expected. I’ve purchased my first iPhone back in 2008 and had to jailbreak it several times so that I could install the latest Apple patches. The software tools that allow you to jailbreak and unlock iPhone were not really user friendly in the past. Today, they are certainly improved but you might still face a lot of issues while performing an unlock on your phone.

I can’t remember how many times I’ve lost important information because I had to go through this jailbreaking process over and over again. Was it really worth my time?
I’ve purchased my first iPhone in the US because Apple was not selling this device in my home country. I’ve probably went through the unlocking processes 30-50 times. I can’t really remember but I do remember that I ended up reading a lot of forums. Apple started to sell iPhone through network operators in my country couple months ago.
A lot of people bought them but many were not happy with the prices. They found it too expensive for a cell phone. Now that I moved to the states, people keep asking me to bring an iPhone whenever I travel back to home. I wonder: Did anybody make a cost benefit analysis on this subject? Do you know how much money you are losing while you are trying to get your iPhone unlocked?
I am computer engineer and I have been writing software for a long time. I have generally a good understanding of the techniques discussed in unlocking an iPhone four. I do understand that for many people this unlocking process can be very painful. In fact, even for me it was really time consuming.

The hacking tools like Pwnage or Redsnow are really wonderful but sometimes weird things happen to your phone and you have to dig million forums to figure out what’s wrong. I am sure I’ve spent at least 20 hours in total for this unlocking process. If I were to work in a retail store and make like $12.00 per hour than this would mean I’ve lost $240 for this unlocking process. Substitute these numbers with your salary and time you’ve spent!
However, people don’t care and they go to eBay to purchase iPhones for prices ranging from $550-$800. These so called unlocked phones do not necessarily mean they are unlocked forever. It’s broken only once. So when you buy it and Apple releases a patch then you probably want to hack it again. Therefore, people with less technical knowledge end up paying for a hacker to get their iPhones fixed each time they want to upgrade. This is madness! What’s the benefit in doing this? If you add up all the costs associated to get your iPhone running it will be probably more expensive than buying a new one in your own country. If you are happy with your unlocked iPhone then it means you don’t really care about the patches.

Now that the iPhone four is released people are again desperately waiting for unlocking software. According to some websites the hackers have already managed to unlock the iPhone four but they are waiting for the latest patch that solves the antenna issue. You can keep reading more on how to unlock iphone four process if you are really interested in this subject. However, keep in mind that how much of your time can be easily wasted when you attempt this procedure.Unfortunately, jailbreaking iphone4 is not going to be easy again and I’m sure new patches for it will keep coming from Apple.

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