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How To Rip A DVD With Windows Media Player

August 01, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Windows Media Player is a program that comes standard with all Windows computers. Its basic purpose is to allow you to watch movies that are on a disc or that you have downloaded onto your computer. It doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles of some of the other programs, but it is free, easy to use, and certainly gets the job done. However, this program has a feature that few people know about. This useful tool allows you to rip CDs and copy both DVD and CD discs.
When you are in the Windows Media Player, there will be two buttons on the top panel. One is “Rip,” the other is “Burn.” The “Rip” application allows you to copy music from a CD to you PC, all you have to do is press the button and follow directions on the screen.

If you want to customize the settings of this function you can press on the small arrow button beneath the “Rip” button. The “Burn” function allows you to copy music and files from your computer onto a clean CD or DVD disc. To burn a disk, first click on the small arrow button underneath the “Burn” button, and make sure that, if you want to make a DVD, then that option is checked on. Once you choose the type of disk you want to make, you can click on the “Burn” button and just follow on screen steps.

You must note, however, that this feature doesn’t let you to rip movies from a DVD to your PC or to burn movies from your PC to a blank DVD. If you are looking to do that, than I recommend you look for a top notch dvd copying software.

When looking for a DVD burning program it is important to remember what features you need. This way you get the best dvd ripping software for your needs and budgets. For instance: if you are only looking to do basic things such as: making a back up copy of a DVD in case something happens to the original, making a movie watchable on your MPEG 3 player, or recording your home movie; then all you need is a relatively cheap DVD burning program that is fast, has good quality of copy, and supports multiple video formats. On the other hand, If you think that you might want to make a home video that looks like it was made by professionals then, if your budget allows you, you should also take a look at DVD burning programs with an advanced video editing tool.

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