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Converting WORD To PDF And EXCEL To PDF To Avoid Format Mismatching And Unintentional Editable Content.

August 09, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Ever found yourself in a situation where your hard work cannot even be read by another person simply because of mismatching in software formats? Well there are a few easy solutions that anyone can follow which can boost your professionalism and the way you deliver your work.

Sometimes when we use Microsoft Office in collaboration with other people, we find ourselves in a situation where the recipient can’t open our files. It may be due to the recipient not working with Microsoft Office at all, or maybe have a different version installed. Often in these cases, we would do well to convert from EXCEL to PDF and WORD to PDF accordingly, and in advance. Another good reason is having our file closed for editing as PDF does not allow the reader to edit the content but rather only to read it and display it in the way it was intended to be watched at.
PDF keeps our content in the right style and gives a clean and neat result which is small enough in size to send quickly over email.

There are several methods to convert from WORD to PDF, as well as from EXCEL to PDF. Some versions of Microsoft Office has a built-in export to PDF option. Open Office suite which is completely free to use, can also be very useful in obtaining a good result as it supports both MS Office and PDF formats. For all versions of software that do not support exporting to PDF there is an easy work around. There are a few companies that give away a free PDF printer. In that manner, all you need to do is open your file in your base software, click on print and choose the PDF printer for the task. This in-turn would allow you to choose where you want to save your new PDF. Once it’s done – send the PDF to the recipient and know that it is a completely format free and trouble free solution which means the recipient can simply open and view your work without hassle.

In addition there are number of sites that can do the task for you. Just Google for an online convert system and you’ll find tons of them. However, there is a big down side to this strategy which most of the sites fail to mention. Firstly, it can take much longer as you need to upload and download files before the exchange even happens. Secondly, it doesn’t always give the best result as it relies on a very simple script and it doesn’t always come free if that’s not enough. The most serious reason not to use an online converting site is the security risk. In some cases it opens a soft spot in your computer which might enable the website to deliver nasty software like viruses and spam ware. And in all cases, files are saved to a remote server, which means someone else is going to have access to your file and there’s nothing you would be able to do about it. This can create a big problem when dealing with content of a private nature or even confidential. This is why we advice you to get a solution, needless to say it’s free, and make the data exchange only locally and on your computer.

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