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Data Recovery–Recover Lost Applications And Crashed Hard Drives

August 12, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Data Recovery/Security

It might happen because a virus corrupted your hard drive, because of a glitch in the computer, or because you accidently pressed the delete button. But no matter what the cause, loosing crucial data can be very disheartening.

Some people think it is implausible to undelete a file that has been deleted, but this is actually false. Recovering deleted files is possible due to the way your PC deletes files. Initially there’s a link to a file in your system’s registry so that your computer knows not to use that place on your hard drive for anything else. When you press the delete button, your computer removes that link, letting the place on the hard drive where the file is located be overwritten by other programs. But, the program remains on the disk untill it gets overwritten; so, if you have a top data recovery software, you can recover those files rather easily.

If you have lost your files because of a hard disk failure, and are experiencing a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error, it might actually be possible to try to solve the problem without the help of Data Recovery software. Here are of the things you can do yourself, prior to using the Data Recovery program as a last resort.

You should first make sure that the hard drive is truly the porblem. This is easily done by dsconnecting all the other hardware and starting your computer. If it starts, then the problem is with something else, and you should then keep plugging each device one by one and starting your computer, to figure out where the problem lies. If your system desn’t start, however, then reboot your computer and put the Windows in safe mode by pressing the F8 button when its starting to boot up (this might take a couple of tries because your timing has to be almost perfect). If your PC goes on to load the operating system and works fine, then your hard drive is probably fine, and there’s probably something wrong with the settings. This can be solved by using System Restore to put all the settings the way they were on a date when your PC worked or re-installing Windows. If your computer doesn’t load in Safe Mode either, then you should try resetting the hard drive.

Finally, if nothing else worked, you can use a data recovery program. But first you should do some research to make sure you get the top data recovery programs. Data recovery software should work in almost every case, unfortunately there’s always a chance that your problem is so severe it is with a help of a special repairman or it’s simply unfixable.

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