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Apply The Software Required To Resolve Your Computer Problems.

August 22, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Computer problems can be annoying and irritating and can be very serious if they are not tackled in the correct manner. Slow responsiveness and speed, startup issues, random error messages popping up on your screen and even the formidable blue screen are very common computer problems and can be easily rectified. A common computer error eventually after time will run your PC into the ground.

The majority of these PC problems are caused by the Microsoft Windows registry and having a knowledge about this component will help you in understanding how these issues can arise. The Microsoft Windows registry is the most significant element of your system and without it your computer would cease to function. It runs at the heart of your system and it contains all of the hardware, software, configuration settings, user settings that is needed by your PC. It is a database that the computer accesses to find the relevent files in order, for example, to change the desktop wallpaper for a user profile or load up an application.

Problems occur very simply because the registry processes thousands of entries daily, some are made redundant and are no longer needed. Yet because of the nature of how the PC functions, unfortunately some of these entries are still left behind. These lead to slower read times due to the system trying to access old disused entries. This happens on a grand scale so over time the problem worsens until lesser PC problems such as slow performance issues could eventually lead to system crashes and even evoke the Windows blue screen.

You can manually declutter your Windows registry but I would not advise you to unless you are 100% competent. The safest and easiest manner to fix your Windows registry is to use a top registry cleaner. These can be downloaded from the internet and yet of course, some are more advanced and enhanced than others.

Features of a Registry Cleaner:

-Scans your Windows system registry for redundant, obsolete and malicious entries. These entries cause the PC problems and the registry cleaner will scan deep within the database to find these problematic files.
-Creates a registry backup. This is essential in case the scan fails midstream or your computer crashes during the registry clean. The registry can be restored back to it’s last state from the backup file.
-Defragments the Windows registry. Just like defragmenting your system’s hard drive, the registry cleaner will re-organise your registry to a manageable, effective and economic manner.
-Scheduled scans for the not so well organised users. Automatic scheduled scans can be set at what intervals you want to perform the registry scan.

There are many registry cleaners online so take some time out to research what is available and which one best suits you. For further advice and information please visit

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