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Basic Information About LCD Computer Monitors

August 24, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Hardware

In general, it is very hard to say which computer component is most important. Probably there is no such component. Every part is essential to perform some task otherwise we wouldn’t need it. But there is one difference. With some computer components we have direct contact. One of such components is monitor. Computer monitor communicates with us in a very special way. It displays all the information about the status of the computer as well as windows of currently active applications. Therefore, it is crucial that this computer component is carefully selected and that it displays stable and sharp picture.

Currently LCD is the predominant technology for computer monitors. There is no big difference between computer LCD monitors and LCD TV sets. The only major difference is the additional interface electronics that makes a LCD TV set look like a television and LCD monitor to look as computer monitor.

Usually, when buying computers we look at the price tag. This is normal since price ranges can vary significantly. But the price should not be the only parameter upon which we will make a decision. When buying computer monitors we should consider the following:

Main Purpose of Our Computer
We can use the computer as office tool, gaming machine, designer’s drawing board, or a combination of listed and also other purposes. Each purpose needs emphasis on a different parameter. For example, designers working in desktop publishing need large desktops and realistic color reproductions, games need monitors with fast response, etc. The first step in choosing monitor is to define the main purpose of the computer.

The bigger the better. This simple rule is valid for all computer purposes. With larger working area you will easily work with many applications at the same time. Application windows will not be squeezed to small cluttered rectangles, the taskbar will look as a nice informative bar and not like a bar with many small buttons, on the desktop you will be able to put more icons for frequently used programs, etc. Because all LCD monitors are flat there will be no problem with the space on the table. So the only disadvantage with large monitors is maybe higher price.

Again, the bigger the better. The resolution tells us how many pixels or points the monitor can display. More pixels means larger monitor or smaller image dots. A typical resolution for multipurpose computer is 1920×1200 pixels. It allows comfortable work with office programs, web browsing and also good experience with CAD programs.

Almost all computer LCD monitors have DVI input. This is standard for computer graphics cards. If we intend to connect multimedia devices we also need a HDMI input. Many monitors have also integrated USB hubs. This is very handy to connect keyboard, mouse and external disks. Some computer monitors have also a TV tuner which converts them into a real TV set.

Choosing computer monitor is not an easy task even if you know what to look for. For more tips and hints you can visit the LCD computer monitors website which provides few basic facts about computer LCD monitors. Perhaps the most important fact you should remember is that you will be staring for hours into this flat panel. Make sure it will look pretty.

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