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IPhone 4 – How Good Is It?

August 28, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

A few short years ago, Apple sat on top of the smartphone world relatively unchallenged. As time has passed, other manufacturers have pumped money into their own development programs and closed the gap considerably between Apple’s flagship iPhone and their own handsets. In an attempt to stand head and shoulders above the competition once more, Apple has unleashed the iPhone 4.

One of the changes found in the iPhone 4 is on the inside of the phone. The iPhone 4’s predecessor, the 3GS contained a Samsung-based Cortex CPU. This has been replaced by Apple’s own A4 chip, the same one used by the iPad. The iPhone 4 does not quite speed along at the same rate as the 1GHz available to the iPad, but it is still more than fast enough. It brings up graphics quickly and navigates seamlessly. Those who find it too slow are likely looking for something to complain about.

Those quickly-rendered graphics are displayed on a 3.5 inch screen with 960 x 640 pixel resolution. Combine that with a mind-numbing 326 ppi pixel density and you have a display that is absolutely second to none. The incredible resolution makes up for any shortcomings in size, and it has even earned the name of Retina Display. It is so named due to the claim that it presents graphics in more detail than the human eye is able to distinguish. It may seem like overkill to present clarity that the user can’t see anyway, but at least consumers need not worry about a less than stellar display. In fact, many testes of the iPhone 4 have stated that the Retina Display easily provides the sharpest images they’ve yet seen.

With a display so sharp, one would hope that Apple has improved on the rather weak 3 megapixel camera found on older models. They have, as the iPhone 4 features a 5 megapixel camera with a backside-illuminated sensor that is more light-sensitive. The LED flash is one of the smaller sizes and can blow out some photos, but the iPhone takes terrific photos in low light and without a flash.

Finally, Apple has decided that it is time to produce a phone that allows multitasking. Though not backgrounding in the strictest sense of the word, the iPhone lets some APIs that imitate backgrounding to run simultaneously. Critics will cry foul, but for regular, everyday users, it is just fine. Until now, Apple has stated that their smartphones would suffer battery drain by performing multitasking. The iPhone 4 has cleared up any potential issue here, as it has been known to produce almost 40 hours of normal use in some tests.

Apple has once again set the bar in smartphone technology with the iPhone 4. With its unmatched Retina Display and high performance, the iPhone has placed Apple first in many consumers’ minds. Customers will be more than pleased with what the iPhone 4 has to offer.

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