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Best Apps For Managing Your Money On The IPhone

September 03, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

The iPhone is without doubt the most successful phone of the last decade. One of the main reasons why the phone has succeeded so well is that it allows for almost unlimited uses and can be customised for individual needs. Budgeting is among the most useful features of the iPhone. On the market today there are no fewer than 400 apps available for keeping track of expenses, but these are best ones..

Ace Budget
A frequently updated app, this little tool is simple and intuitive to use. The interface is really enhanced by great colour coding that allows you to get a clear snap shot of various parts of your budget and its easy to use even on the move. Being able to isolate different outgoings such as ‘Clothing’ or ‘Bills’ is another useful feature. You can also pull off reports to give you better long-term insight into your spending. One floor of this app is that the search feature could be improved to give more relevant results.

Expense Tracker
This app does much the same job as Ace Budget and allows you to switch between currencies with ease. Whilst not as well colour coded as Ace Budget, the Expense Tracker app can still be used quickly and easily. Money requests can be monitored also, including solicitar credito. More useful things this app can do include being able to interface with Google Docs, transferring profiles between phones, and managing multiple profiles on one phone.

This app may be of interest to you if information security is a primary concern. Regular provision of security updates and new features means that your information goes no further than you want it to. One of the best features of this app is the way it allows you to take photos of physical receipts and store these next to outgoings. One-touch back-up of data is another great feature. It’s far to say that this app is not quite as user-friendly as the other two, but its the one to go for if you’re a serious money manager.

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