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Make IPhone Apps Without Code

September 03, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

You will find tons of people all around the world that are cashing in on the trendy Apple craze. How? By producing iPhone apps!

If you are a quite creative person and can figure out how to make someone’s life easier with an concept for a great app, you’ve struck gold! And even if you don’t have an concept just yet, never worry, there are usually new app concepts to uncover.

And in case you do not know how to code – do not get worried. You will not need to even appear at any code to acquire your application created! That’s what outsourcing is for. You will find countless places that you simply can discover where individuals specialize in developing iPhone apps… and they need to have tips.

Simply variety in “iPhone Developer” into your preferred search engine and you’ll come across a amount of firms advertising their services to businesses and individuals that are looking to capitalize on their application tips.

It is possible to even use websites like or to search for freelance developers that will build your application for you. However, just before you sign-up using the 1st application developer it is possible to come across, you ought to be sure that they won’t engage in anything unethical and attempt to steal your application concept.

To protect your ideas, you can have them sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which as them agree not to steal your idea. You’ll have legal document proof if they breach your contract.

So basically, you would pay a small investment to have a certified application developer to accomplish the technical work of building your app, and then you would capitalize off the profits of the completed application for years to come once it gets approved by Apple and released in the Application Store.

If it sounds intimidating, you don’t must discover every thing for yourself. You can find some great resources that have been created by professional application business developers and companies that could guide you via every step of the method to getting your application business off the ground successfully.

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