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PC Speed Maximizer For Windows Optimization And Privacy Protection

September 11, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

If youíve bought a Windows-based PC, you have doubtless been merrily downloading the wide range of applications that are compatible with your system as well as an endless catalog of system upgrades . The downside of this is the probability of overloading your registry with superfluous, out-of-date or otherwise useless data which can trigger errors which could seriously bog down your start-up, make your application operations sluggish and in due course cause them to freeze up, or even send your system crashing.

Happily, there is a simple answer to your glitch: a registry cleaner. Still, y ou must beware of rogue registry cleaners ñ sometimes called ìscarewareî ñ designed to frighten you with false warnings of system errors. Trojan applications frequently iload spyware disguised as pop-ups deceptivelywarning of threats that they profess to have scanned on your PC. These alarmist adverts deliver warnings regarding supposed system errors that can supposedly be fixed by getting a certain brand of registry cleaner. These can be extremely bothersome as they show up on your computer screen repeatedly and can be extremely hard to remove. Once you download the particular free registry cleaner program, youíve downloaded the spyware as well. You may be led to think that you are getting a freebie when youíre really risking the safety of your computer.

The PC Speed Maximizer is an inexpensive registry cleaner program which not only fixes your Windows registry and optimizes your PC but also ensures your privacy and security. It was engineered by Avanquest Software, a highly regarded software designer. This program is certified 100% clean of virus infections, adware, and malicious software by, the well known authority on software.

There are various good reasons for buying the PC Speed Maximizer. It helps you revamp, tidy up, optimize, and compress your Windows registry to perk up the efficiency of your PC. This program enables you to examine and erase invalid shortcuts and junk files. In addition, it lets you inspect and remove privacy and temporary files that compromise the confidentiality of your private information. The Optimize Windows feature lets you fine-tune and set the System, Internet, and Security options for your PC. Using the Start Up Manager, you can pick the programs which will boot up when you load Windows by adding them to or removing them from the boot-up sequence. It is recommended that you choose only the vital programs so that Windows will start up more quickly.

The process of repairing errors is easy. You click the Scan indicator on the Registry tab to find the errors. When the scan is finished, you press the Fix button to correct them. What could be simpler? Overall, the PC Speed Maximizer gives you stress-free control over what stays inside or leaves your computer. Best of all, it is compatible with all current Windows operating systems, even the latest version, Windows 7.

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