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STOPzilla Stops Spyware

September 13, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

STOPzilla is an authoritative, multi-awarded spyware and adware removal application that locates, erases, and blocks malicious software swiftly and intelligently. It has garnered numerous accolades from reputable organizations such as Cnet, Top Ten Reviews, Tucows, Geek Files and others. Its massive success is due to its unsurpassed real-time protection on the fly against malicious software and adware, its ìintelligentî pop-up blocker, and its recurrent updates that keep it one step ahead of emerging spyware.

STOPzilla starts working to provide you 24-hour protection the second you turn it on. It locates and assaults both known and emerging varieties of malware head-on before they can do any harm. It isolates likely dangers always so that your PC is never at risk and even makes it possible for you to remove your history as well as cookies . It is very successful in locating, blocking and deleting all sorts of spyware including worms, Trojans, dialers, keyloggers, browser hijackers, spybots, and drive-by infections that may be acquired just by going to a unsafe internet site.

One of its preeminent features is SITEguard, a catalog of potentially harmful online pages that are proven to engage in actions such as stealing identities (phishing) from and installing malicious software onto unprotected and unsuspecting computers. SITEguard detects and blocks these potentially risky internet sites. However, if a link which you know to be harmless happens to be blocked, you can opt to consent to access.

STOPzilla also comes equipped with the most sophisticated pop-up blocking tool, which makes this software one-of-a-kind and outstanding. It can make a distinction between questionable or illegitimate pop-ups and legal or legitimate ones by checking for identifiers of malicious codes. This is a feature that is missing in many pop-up blockers. It can distinguish the difference between an ad window and user-generated pop-ups. This intelligent feature eliminates inconvenient and even hostile pop-up ads while allowing you to have interaction with the ones you actually employ for banking, email, and other practical purposes.

Whether youíre a computer specialist or a newbie, youíll find that STOPzilla is a delight to operate. It has a vibrant and easily read interface. The navigation scheme is so easy that you do not have to be a computer expert to understand the controls and settings, and the scan button is so big that you cannot fail to notice it! Scans can be designed to operate automatically or tailored to suit a timetable. There are 4 scan options: quick, full, customized and intelligent. The scans can nose out even the concealed spyware entrenched deep within your Windows registry..

STOPzilla is automatically self-updating, so it continues enhancing its safeguards against even the nastiest malware that threatens to harm your PC. It also comes with remarkable buyer support in the form of chat, email, and toll-free numbers. STOPzilla currently operates just with Windows Internet Explorer, but its manufacturer has disclosed plans to expand its compatibility to include other important browsers. In view of STOPzillaís marvelous display of its capabilities, we all look forward to this thrilling development.

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