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Top Accessories For The Samsung Epic 4G

September 17, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Mobile

The Samsung Epic 4G is an incredible phone with a slide out keyboard, access to the 4G wireless internet, an amazingly vibrant sixteen million color display that can withstand viewing under direct sunlight, and a five megapixel camera that can be used to capture HD video and exceedingly sharp images. The camera is front facing, allowing you to take pictures of yourself and to use the video chat feature. The one gigahertz processor gives the phone a response time that beats the competition. Utilizing a user-friendly interface, this phone also has applications that can grab contacts from your social networking and email accounts.

Samsung Epic 4G accessories can be used to enhance the enjoyment of the phone. Samsung Epic 4G cases are highly recommended. The Amzer Rubberized Black Snap On Case provides the phone with optimal protection against signiifcant surface damage and drops. The case is designed to fit the phone like a glove. The rubber coated surface provides a stronger grip on the case to prevent unwanted drops. The case is also designed to give you access to all of the controls on the phone without covering them up.

Samsung Epic 4G chargers are of course an absolute must, but a home and car charger combo is a very good idea. This way you can charge your phone no matter where you are. If you forget to charge the phone at home, it will not be of any concern because you can still charge it in the car on the way to work. Car chargers are ideal for those who are always traveling. All of these chargers have a built-in ic chip that help prevent overheating and overcharging. Samsung Epic 4G desktop chargers are another option that allow you to charge the phone on your computer.

Earphones are a great idea in order to get the most impressive multimedia experience from the phone. Combined with the vibrant display, earphones give the phone a theater like experience. The DBSound hi-fi earphone gives you a high quality stereo listening experience, perfect for movies and music. These earphones have a noise-cancellation feature to block out all background and ambient noise to deliver a powerful sound experience. A button lets you answer and hang up calls without touching the phone, and a mic lets you talk on the phone or give hands off commands.

A Skinomi Techskin Samsung Epic 4G skin is also a very good idea. This is used in order to protect the high quality touchscreen display from getting scratched. Scratches and grime buildup are common on touchscreens, which is especially unfortunate for a display as high in quality as the one that comes with the Samsung Epic. This screen protector is made from the same technology that protects military helicopter blades. It is also designed to resist yellowing with age.

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