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Yet Another Android Based PDA Phone, The Samsung Epic 4G

September 21, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Mobile

The new Epic 4G from Samsung is an amazing smart phone with many features, such as a full keyboard, excellent display, and the fastest Internet network connection, 4G. . There are just so many reasons why people should consider to get this phone. With that in mind, here are the top four reasons to consider buying the Samsung Epic 4G as your smart phone.

High Definition:

The phone offers high definition in two of its features, making it an excellent phone for use with multimedia. First and foremost is the phones versatile touchscreen. In addition to the impressive interface that it offers, the quality of the display is absolutely staggering. Not only is the screen capable of displaying as many as sixteen million colors, but it offers a very wide range of lighting, giving you vibrant, high contrast pictures. In addition to this, The Epic 4G’s display is great to use outdoors because the touchscreen’s anti-glare property, allowing you to view images and such under direct sunlight. This key feature alone gives the phone something that few others can offer. In addition to this, the phone features a five megapixel camera. The camera is front facing, allowing you to take pictures of yourself. This is also used during video chat. The camera allows you to record HD quality video, and take pictures with astounding clarity.

Slide Out Keyboard:

The Samsung Epic 4G is certainly not the only phone around that offers its users with a slide out keyboard. This keyboard, however, offers much more usability than most phone keyboards. Where the majority of mobile keyboards only offer three rows of keys, the Samsung Epic 4G gives its users four full rows, giving you the same orientation as a computer keyboard. The buttons are also larger than most, and it’s tactile response makes it a lot more easier to use.


This phone also has quite a number of applications and features. It can keep you updated on your Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace accounts. It can download contacts from you social networking sites and email accounts. It gives you access to the fastest internet available for a mobile device, and it serves as a wireless hot spot for as many as five other devices to connect to the internet. It features an easy to use interface, and gives you hands-free dailing, text messaging, multimedia messaging, visual voice email, GPS navigation, conference calling, speakerphone and Blue tooth capabilities. It also features video chat, and several organizing applications for event planning and so on.

Samsung Epic 4G accessories:

Accessories for the Samsung Epic 4G help to improve its performance. Headphones are a good way to get the most out of the Epic 4G’s multimedia features. Samsung Epic 4G screen protectors are an absolute must in order to protect the extremely vibrant touchscreen display from scratches that can result from extended use. While the battery life of the phone is very good, Samsung Epic 4G batteries are available to improve the battery life of the phone further still. Car chargers are great for keeping the phone charged while on the move.

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