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Laptop Repairing Video Lessons-1.-CD/DVD-device

September 26, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Do you watch movies often? I do, I really do. Some time ago I had to travel a lot with bus. Frequently I had some DVDs with me and I used to watch them while driving. I like my DVD-collection very much. It feels good to have all best movies on shelf instead downloading them into my computer. But on one bad day my DVD-reader crashed…

Have you faced similar problem? One moment you install a program or burn a CD, the next moment DVD-reader makes a weird voice and computer displays an error, saying there’s no disk inserted or something. Or all at once it just remains silent and stops working at all.

In this case, for a start, it’s always worth trying to restart your laptop. If your DVD-device (For simplicity I use only the term “DVD”. I mean all devices that read any CD-s or DVD-s, while names can vary) doesn’t “wake up” after that, there can be multiple problems. You can start with reinstalling your device’s drivers. I do suggest to uninstall them completely and then get the fresh ones installed. There’s a lot of tutorials for that, it’s not difficult thing to do, so I don’t write about this any longer. If refreshing drivers doesn’t do the trick and you’ve determined that it’s not software problem (I’ll tell later, how to be sure of that), it’s time to disassemble your computer and check out the hardware. I’ll give you a short overview of that, but more detailed information can be found here

Any laptop have one screw under the case what holds on the DVD-device. It is considerably different than others and should have a unique mark next to it. When you take that screw out, you should be able to separate your DVD-ROM. Don’t be too abrupt when it comes out hardly, there can be some hidden brackets or something. Do not hurry and check carefully, where the resistance is and attempt to carefully open this to not make any harm.

In fact, you don’t have to remove your DVD-ROM at first thing, but it is recommended because this reduces the odds to make any more harm to your computer.

When you have got your DVD-device out, you should open that. On the side- usually there is a button used to open the drive when in work- there is commonly a small hole with 2-3 mm diameter. A bigger needle or something similar is just the thing what can be used to open the drive. I personally don’t recommend anything wooden or something what can easily break into the hole, because it’s very difficult to get it out later. When you’ve opened the drive, you see a little glass- the laser, what reads records from CD/DVD. Most common problem is that it’s just dusty. To clean this, take some cloth and moisten it with a bit of alcohol. The best cloth are these dry tissues used for clean classes or displays. With this, you can clean the laser, but do it very gently, for the inside of DVD-rom is fairly fragile.

In any case, just cleaning may not help, problem can be in connections between ROM and Motherboard, laser and ROM chipset or it can be something else. But even the toughest problems can be fixed, as I found out. I got a lot of help from one site. You can find out more from

There’s described more problems and one very detailed solution. I found it very helpful, and I think that these tutorials can spare a lot of money what otherwise would go to some random coffee-addicted repair workshop owner. No offense, they have to live too, but trust me- they won’t go bankrupt even when you decide to fix your computer to yourself.

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