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T-Mobile To Release The G2 Next Month

October 03, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Mobile

Perhaps the main reason why people would consider picking up the T-Mobile G2 is the operating system. Phones that use the Android operating system are already the fastest growing market within the mobile phone industry, and the G2 boasts Android version 2.2. The Android operating system makes the development of apps a lot easier and can be freely distributed without a developer’s license, which leads to a high volume of free, quality applications for Android. Several Google services are also available for this operating system, such as Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Voice. The operating system updates often and makes very huge advances with each update, making for a major selling point.

Another great reason that the G2 is a very anticipated phone is the large number of T-Mobile G2 accessories and Google G2 accessories available for the phone. It supports bluetooth, wireless headsets and headphones are available in many styles, shapes, and sizes. There are already cases available, both for cosmetic and protective purposes. Also available are a plethora of T-Mobile G2 Chargers, for the computer, home, and car- although the battery for the G2 lasts quite a long time without the need for a charger, having one handy wherever you go is a plus. Overall, the large amount of accessories for the T-Mobile G2 out well before its release means that the case you want and the charger you need will most likely be available for even pre-ordered G2 phones.

The hardware this phone carries makes a huge statement in itself – an 800MHz processor and 512MB RAM means the processing and memory of this phone rivals many netbooks and older desktops. A 5 megapixel camera with auto focus and flash coupled with an HD camcorder means you’re never without photo and video memories of those spur-of-the-moment events. The G2 is also built for T-Mobile’s fastest network, so getting information, maps and photos take no time at all. And lastly, we have the G2’s touchscreen. It is huge- 3.7 inches with 480×800 resolution makes for crisp, clear icons, graphics, photos, and videos.

The debate between touch-screen typing and keyboards has always and will continue to rage on for years to come in the mobile phone industry. The G2, however, took the route of using a keyboard. However, unlike some phones with slide-out keyboards, this keyboard is hardly obtrusive, the keys are a decent size, and the phone is still marvelously slim, meaning most of the complaints made by touch-screen keyboard advocates are quieted.

Overall, the Android operating system, the large range and availability of chargers, cases, and other accessories, the revolutionary hardware, and the easy-to-access, easy to type with keyboard make the T-Mobile G2 the new phone to see. It will make a statement, and serve not just as a phone, but a camera, camcorder, music player, and anything you can find or make an application for all neatly fitting into the palm of your hand and sliding nicely into pockets.

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