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Convert Your Apple IPod Touch Into An All Calling And Texting IPhone

October 04, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

This article goes on to introduce the new Apple Peel 520 breakthrough accessory for the iPod Touch. The Apple iPod Touch is a desirable, unique device designed by Apple of the 21st century. It is a full-time entertainment system which is impressively able to handle multiple processes and features such as iPod MP3 music, Bluetooth stereo options, WiFi Internet browsing, large memory storage ranging from 8gb to 64gb, Satellite Navigation and more, all on a sensitive, magnificent high-resolution, touch screen! Did we mention it is only 7.2mm thick?!

Yes, it sure is an all singing and dancing piece of gadgetry and very simple to operate – the perfect combination for a winning device! Or is it? Do you feel like it’s missing something? We don’t blame you. The iPod Touch is an iPhone on a diet! A stripped down version of the most powerful smart phone on the planet. Many iPod Touch users have wanted the iPhone when they first bought it but due to the immense price difference and bulky size, the iPhone was put on the back shelf for these customers. Some iPod Touch users have even wondered if it is possible to add the iPhone calling feature to your iPod Touch, but what a dream that was…

Come in Apple Peel 520. You may have read about it in the Papers, on another internet site or even heard about it from your tech geek friend – well let us you exactly what it is. The Apple Peel 520 is an accessory add-on for iPod Touch’s of all generations. It is designed and manufactured by Yosion Technology, a young Chinese company which prides itself on the ability to innovate and bring customers exactly what they want. Their latest innovation – the Apple Peel 520 has been talked about for months and with sales of the iPod Touch hitting millions worldwide, it is no surprise this has come out of the gadget capital of the world!

With the Apple Peel 520, the user can slip their iPod Touch into the special casing, designed to offer a snug fit and effectively add a SIM slot, microphone and speaker to the iPod Touch – the basics to start making a call. Add the special software bundled and away you go. You can now start calling, texting and surfing the web on a GPRS connection! This is a breakthrough for iPod Touch owners and one that will be welcomed with open arms.

The Apple Peel 520 is now available to order at It is looking to shape up as the hottest selling accessory of 2010-2011 and could be a top selling Christmas gift this year. I know I’d want one! So there you have it, a spectacular device for your iPod Touch to add the ability to call and text just like an iPhone at a fraction of the cost. Buy Apple Peel 520 spend less, save more!

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