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The IPod Touch – A Contemporary Icon Of A Modern World

October 05, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

The Apple Peel 520 has made a huge impact in the iPod Touch arena so here we will look at the iPod Touch prior to going to Buy Apple Peel 520. The iPod Touch is an extension of the iPod mp3 music product range developed by Apple Inc in California. Apple has been around in the Computer and Technology industry for years and it shows with their fantastic range of products they release to the market. Apple has made a name for itself and has a die-hard following of fans all over the globe. Many of these fans claim to be in love with the ‘Simplistic’ design of Apple products and easy-to-use, logical software that you often find within the computing devices.

The Apple iPod music player was first launched by Apple late in 2001. The range of iPod personal devices included the iPod Classic – a hard drive based mp3 player able to hold up to 1000 music files and soon after the iPod Shuffle and Nano models offering even more portability and versatility, never before experienced in a booming new market.

The iPod Touch was first launched in 2007 soon after the Apple iPhone – a revolutionary mobile phone that changed the mobile telephony landscape forever. The iPod Touch could be described as a strip-down version of the iPhone. It originally came in 8, 16 and 32GB memory and comprised of a multi-touch screen interface with WiFi internet connectivity and the ‘App Store’, which featured downloadable software that intended to keep your iPod Touch fresh and versatile. The App store has played a vital part in keeping the personal audio device fresh with new content and has inspired many programmers and enthusiasts to create unique, unusual and creative applications for the system.

The iPod Touch has created a new culture – a young, creative and popular generation with a fun outlook. Sales of the iPod reached record numbers in the last few years and Apple has increased its market share beyond forecasts. In September 2009 it was announced that sales of the iPod exceeded numbers of 220mllion! I wonder if Steve Jobs was thinking this at the time of his brainstorm back then?! As far as Gadgets go, the iPod Touch has to be one of the most tantalising, record-breaking and desirable gadgets of all time. The iPod Touch is more than just a portable music player, but it is also a full-blown Internet browsing machine, gaming device and now a programmer’s heaven.

At every Birthday and Christmas event these days it is not uncommon to hear someone wanting and wishing for an ‘Apple iPod’. This is not surprising with what the device offers. There are many alternatives to the Apple iPod that offer MP3 playing capabilities, gaming and now Internet browsing. The Apple is probably the most marketed of them all and provides an innovation that is simple and easy to pick up. Aesthetically, many rivals are not able to match or better what the Apple iPod has to offer. In conclusion, Apple has done a tremendous job on the Apple iPod range and the Apple iPod Touch provides a new way to use your iPod and listen to your iTunes.

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