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Essential Accessories For Your New T-Mobile G2

October 06, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Mobile

Although T-Mobile’s G2 phone still possesses an unknown release date, we know that preordering starts in late September and we know that third-party accessory manufacturers are already hard at work bringing G2-oriented products to market. This means that it can’t be long now, and it will be here sometime before Christmas at the very least, and we’d rely on it being here before Black Friday. Since it’s never too early to start planning how you’ll accessorize your new phone, here’s an early look on what items will be the top T-Mobile G2 accessories.

Just as the original T-Mobile G1, it looks as if the most important T-Mobile G2 accessories will be the cases. The G2 looks much more sleeker and sexier, and still comprised mostly of plastic, so you’ll want to protect that investment. At the least, you can purchase a skin-styled cover for the G2, such as the Skinomi Techskin, which provides amazing protection for well under $30. However, those on the go are also going to want protection against drops, and you’ll have the choice between glove and holster-style cases. Gloves are nice in that they provide full protection and still allow you to use the device. You have to remove Holster-style cases to use the device, but they work well in combination with skin-style protection.

Another important aspect of protection is the screen. The T-Mobile G2 is going to have a fabulous 3.7-inch screen, so I’m sure you won’t want to go and use your phone unprotected. And even if you’re super careful with your phone, it will eventually get scratched. This is why skin-style cases provide great benefit, and it’s why we prefer the skin-holster combo. For instance, the Skinomi Techskin serves as both a screen protector and a casing, and then we just wrap it up when it’s time to go in the briefcase. There are also stand alone T-Mobile G2 screen protectors that will help protect against scratches for users that prefer the glove-style cases.

The T-Mobile G2 will charge via USB port just like the G1, and we assume that the necessary cable will be included in the default package. Therefore, T-Mobile G2 chargers aren’t necessary, but there are two styles in particular that we find extremely useful. One style is the dashboard docking station, which gives you the ability to use your phone while you’re driving, and it’s very useful for those that don’t have built-in USB ports. We also like to have a USB adapter, which turns any standard wall outlet into a USB port. Of course, USB ports are so prevalent nowadays, but these chargers are too inexpensive and useful not to own one.

Finally, the early word is that T-Mobile went with an 800 MHz processor rather than a 1 GB CPU due to concerns over battery life because of the HSPA+ connectivity apps. So, we highly consider purchasing a second battery, which you can often get at a discount with the initial purchase. Also, the G2 will come with an 8 GB MicroSD memory card, but users will want to consider moving up to either the 16 or 32 GB card.

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