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How To Produce Dubstep

October 09, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

So many people these days are asking how to make dubstep, because it is getting huge. So many countries are loving dubstep nowadays, and that’s not something to frown about, finally it’s getting the attention it deserves.

Your favourite DJs and producers like Digital Mystikz, Plastician or Skream and Benga, all use very simple programs to sequence their original dubstep beats, the very same that are making them thousands and thousands of dollars.

Much respect to Benga for being open about how he makes his dubstep tunes. Some people are insecure about sharing their studio knowledge, but those that know know that its really not about process, technique or ‘secrets’ but as 77Klash says “Music is a combination of vibes and energy.” If you’re a producer quite a lot of this is stuff that you know, but I enjoyed it nonetheless, and if you’re young or aspiring you might get some real useful stuff from this. Big up to Future Music for filming this and putting it on Youtube. If you don’t know who Benga is he’s responsible for this past years HUGE dubstep anthem “Night” with Coki, also check for his album Diary of an Afro Warrior.

Don’t let anyone tell you that these guys have million dollar studios because that is just not true. Another producer that I know owns a massive studio, running Protools HD with a giant desk and all the expensive rack units.

He records all kinds of music to make a living but his number one passion is dubstep. He programs his beats on Protools and uses the same system to mix down, though it is effectively the same sequencing platform as heaps of other software/programs, which don’t cost thousands of dollars to set up.

I think I have found the best program to produce dubstep beats, a downloadable software which I have been using for a few months now. Prior to that I knew nothing about electronic production (I was playing hard rock music for years) and beat making and it took now time at all the smash out fat beats.

This wicked software features the following:

DT Sequencer: with keyboard shortcuts, 16 Stereo Tracks, record live to the metronome or draw or tap in your beats. Export to industry standard 44.1 Studio Quality .wav file masters – This is important if you ever want to sell your music online.

Drum Machine Panel: featuring assigned keyboard triggers and the ability to import your own drum samples.

4 Octave Wicked Sampling Keyboard: Two octaves of the four are controlled by your keyboard enabling you to play your melodies using the keys with no need for a midi controller. You can also use this to make drum and bass. There are heaps of high quality samples which are all fast loading with no lag time.

Recently, in my live sets, I started mixing in my own tracks that have been got an awesome reaction. I’ve also got my tracks online and I am now starting to get a few sales under my belt.

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