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Laptop Fixing Video Lessons- Tools

October 17, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

What can be done with no tools? Well, you can break a pen, you can break an egg, you can make a knot… But definitely you can not fix notebook with no tools. If something’s not working and can’t be made to work inside operation system, there’s almost no possibility to repair it without any tools. Actually I’ve done it once. My Acer’s DVD-reader stopped working during windows install, I had just formatted C-drive and didn’t got any further. I hit laptop strongly and surprisingly[spin] I [spin]successfully finished the installation. BUT-I don’t recommend that to anyone because I had to change DVD-drive after all.
So, where to start? In my school years we had a statemet: “Only tool you need to fix your laptop is a screwdriver!” In fact you are going need slightly more than that. I don’t want to scare you off, laptop’s technology is not like rocket science. Actually it’s as simple as washing your laundry or making a breakfast. You just need to know what you are doing and have the right things to work with. And that’s why I’m writing this information to you: it’s complicated situations, low world economy level forces anyone of us cut down our everyday costs. I want you to see something what can help people save hundreds of dollars.
So, what do you actually need? Well, you don’t have to run into nearest tools shop and get everything you can. You also have no need to have everything available to buy in your home, “just in case”. As far as tools, you can purchase them just when you need them, or you may think a little ahead, what in your computer may break at first- what tools you may need at first. Anyways, couple of things you should have always at your elbow. For example, a screwdriver must be in your toolbox collection. Better than even couple of them, different ones. A Phillips screwdriver can be used almost everywhere. Also common flat-tip one can become handy time by time. Soldering iron can save a lot of time when any plug is broken- you don’t have to make any temporary solutions and risk any electrical problems. When you have accurate hands, then a sharp little knife can replace wire cutter. When you are creative and shop at the right time at the right place, you can have all you need with quite a small budget. I have no room to describe anything right here, right now, but these laptop repair videos include every bit of information you need.
“So, yeah, tools. But what I’m gonna do with them?!” you might ask. Laptop Repair is a homepage where you can find out more and start learning much much more than I possibly can write to you.

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